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Wedding Planning Got You Stressed? How to Release it


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Okay, I haven’t planned a wedding but with 5 years of watching all of you pull off some amazing weddings, engagements, and styled shoots I feel like I have a vague idea of the stress involved, plus adult-ing has it’s rough moments too. So consider these wedding planning and general life de-stressing tips!

Tip number 1: Take a nap Gurl!

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That’s right, you might think naps are for fussy toddlers, but hell, what do we all turn into when we are overwhelmed and sleep deprived? The answer, a fussy full grown adult. There is all kinds of research out there that backs up the fact that we as human beings really should be taking a siesta during the day.

But what if you are saying, but Julie, I just can’t sleep in the middle of the day. Not to worry friends, I’ve thought of that too. Take a look at these great tips from Society 19 on how to nap more effectively. It covers nap accessories, nap locations, the perfect time to nap if you are an early bird of a night owl and even breaks down the length of nap you should have. So yeah, get your nap on.

Tip number 2: Netflix and Chill

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… out… chill out!!! Confession: I did use to think the above statement was as innocuous as cocooning one’s self up in a fuzzy blanket alone on the couch to binge watch all your favorite shows. Honestly, I still quietly call those kinds of nights this as a personal way to reclaim this really great phrase. Anyway, Yes, this may feel unproductive, but would you rather be overwhelmed, and on edge while still being unproductive?

No, give yourself the permission to have a little time to unwind. But what if you are in that terrible space in-between shows… Then check out the 50 best tv shows on Netflix. You’ll find something new to watch in no time.

Tip number 3: Phone a friend

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Or go hang out with them face to face. Or call your mom if she helps you look at things in a better, less chaotic way. Just get some time with another human that has the uncanny ability to put your mind at ease. Talk about everything, not just that big wedding you are planning or the giant project you have at work. Yes give them the low down on what has you stressed but once you get it out, move past it. You should find that that daunting stress feels far less scary afterward an enlightening convo with your bestie or mumsie.

Tip number 4: Move

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Yes, I did tell you to go cuddle up on the couch earlier, but if the stress is still hanging over your head after that you may need to get physical. Go for a run, do some yoga, jump rope (Good gawd, is that an exhausting exercise), go for a hike, take your bike for a spin. All these and more ideas can be found in these 8 exercises that relieve stress. and why do they relieve stress? Endorphins baby, it’s your bodies natural high. So kick out all those old stress cobwebs with a brisk mall walk.

Tip number 5: Hit the shower

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And for the big finale, get clean and comfy! Sounds simple, but sometimes you are unconsciously uncomfortable and a hot shower or a long soak in the bath can do wonders for your stress levels. Just soak and wash the worries of the day away. And then afterward, sit yourself down with a face mask, a good read, or a bottle of your fav nail polish. 

That's it ya'll, hope this helps and don't forget, we are all human and doing the best we can each and every day. So be nice to yourself, you deserve it! 

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