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Wedding in Florence


Wedding in Florence

This beautiful styled shooting performed in Susan Nevelson personal Studio here in Florence. Susan was so kind to consent us to shoot in her beautiful and artistic house and we would really like to make sure that her precious help is well recognized.
The dress you can see from pictures is inspired by the 20s and made with a embroidered tulle in ivory and gold hand finished. The idea was to emphasize the femininity of the girl wearing it through a deep neckline in front and behind, but at the same time offer an elegant and linear image. For this reason we did have emphasized the make up of our beautiful model to obtain a result of refinement.

Wedding in FlorenceWedding in FlorenceWedding in FlorenceWedding in Florence

Even for flower design we wanted to design an arrangement that permit to feel an elegant but sober shape with recalls of ivory, gold and eucalyptus shower. Susan art studio - where we shoot the most of photo - was sparkling colorfull with paint tins and dirty brush of temperas. The purpose was to get dirty the delicate flower arrangement covered in that multi-colored atmosphere.
We shoot this beautiful work during a typical florentine sunset, from the studio on the top floor we could benefit from a wonderful light. We preserved every single object in the original form and use a dedicated post production for every images inspiring by Polaroid 690 film processing.

Wedding in FlorenceWedding in FlorenceWedding in Florence

Bride Dress : Anna FucĂ  Atelier

Flower Design : Francesca Peruzzini

Photography : STEFANO SANTUCCI Photography