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Wedding Guests Unplug and Put Down Your Phones and Be Present


unplugged ceremony

We could only assume that the beautiful couple above would want an unplugged ceremony simply based on the fact that they're somewhere in the Pacific North West IN THE WOODS which is likely void of cell service photographed by SLF Weddings. Although that alone won't stop guests from documenting on their own, it certainly is a subtle hint.

The couple wants you to be present and watch with your eyes. It's important to them that you feel the emotion and share it with them. This is the one of the most important days of their lives and you were hand picked to share in their love. The couple has likely invested a hefty chuck of their budget in photography and videography so please don't interfere and ruin their special moments. You run the risk of blocking the paid photographers during crucial times. Here are a few moments that the bride and groom want documented by the professionals. ALL OF THEM.
SLF Weddings created this video to illustrate what it could look like when every wedding guest is helping to document your wedding day. As an invited guest to a wedding (unless otherwise indicated by the couple) your job is to attend, be present and witness the union. iPhone, iPad and photo enthusiasts may not understand the impact they are having on the day. SLF Weddings did an excellent job using humor to show the affects of this device epidemic. #unplugthewedding

unplugged ceremony sign

If you feel that your guests may need a not-so-subtle indicator, we have this banner available in the shop. You might opt for a custom cell phone check like the ones we custom made for Hayley and Tyler of Florida Georgia Line. See more of this amazing unplugged wedding here.

unplugged ceremony phone bags

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