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Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette


Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

We LOVE good advice and there's no shortage around here with all of the resources from which we can pull. Let's talk gift giving. Don't start sweating. It's GIFT giving. It's not your life's work and it's a luxury. Cristen Faherty, Cristen & Co. reached out to us to offer up some solid advice on how to handle giftin' for the weddin'.

Founded by Cristen Faherty, Cristen & Co. is a full-service boutique event planning and design studio based out of Cohasset, Massachusetts. From full-service planning, to decor rentals and styling, to day-of logistics and decorating, Cristen & Co.’s team is available for every step of the event and wedding planning process. By working on a limited amount of wedding and events per year, the Cristen & Co. team is able to deliver thoughtful and detail-oriented planning to ensure that every celebration is executed seamlessly from start to finish, creating the perfect experience for clients. We're clearing up some of the gray areas of gift giving for a wedding.


Couples tend to spend a lot of time on their registries, looking for items that truly represent them as a unit. To stay on the safe side, always get a gift off of their registry. If you know the couple well, or have something sentimental you want to give them, give it to them along with a one from the registry. It’s better safe than sorry, and that way you know that you’re getting them something practical and meaningful.


A lot of couples are now registering for honeymoon experiences, which can be really exciting for a guest. Want to treat your friends to a nice dinner, or river cruise one night? You can help them relax and have fun. It’s a really unique gift, and one that they’ll remember for years to come associated with you.


I always say you give a gift because you want to and what you feel comfortable with. The couple invited you to celebrate such a happy time in their life, and however you gift them is really appreciated! There are a lot of “rules” when it comes to gifting a check, and none of these are hard and fast rules, just general rule of thumb.

Close friend or family member - $150+
Relative or friend - $100+
Co-worker or distant relative - $50+
If you feel like you can’t quite spend that much, look for items on their registry, a lot of the time they’ll go on sale.


Another cost-saving, but still meaningful idea is going in on a larger registry gift with other friends who are attending the wedding. If it’s a group of friends from college or with a similar background, consider getting a little creative! One idea is tickets to your alma mater’s sports game, or some personalized sports gear to go along with a similarly themed registry item.

When buying gifts, always make sure to keep the couple you’re buying for in mind. A lot of people think “if this were my wedding,” but each couple is different!

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