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Wedding Color of the Year: Green!

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Every year, the influential Pantone company selects on color - or, better, one hue - to be the color of the year, setting off a flurry of design inspirations in fashion, make-up, jewelry, interior design... you name it! This year, the choice is "Pantone Emerald Green." As a wedding designer, I couldn't help brainstorming right away on how to use green as and accent color in something as "white" as a wedding! I didn't want to limit my design to just that one jewel-tone green hue - I wanted to use all shades from palest mint to deepest teal, from lively spring green to olive, moss and the dark, shimmering green of camellia leaves. And here we go:
A sweetheart table in a romantic park, antique green-and-white china, a white wedding cake fit for royalty - adorned with green sugar gems; a white lace tablecloth over a green underlay, a floral arrangement of roses, hydrangeas, and Bells of Ireland, white wrought-iron garden chairs with green cushions and bows...

...and a radiant bride with a green cymbidium orchid tucked in her updo, and with a bridal bouquet of white roses, green hydrangeas and grasses.
And why not take it one step further with green mini candy buffet... served in cut-crystal glasses on a silver tray?

mini candy bar 550px wide

In addition to green as a beautiful accent color for the decor and as the prominent color for the wedding flowers, think green wedding shoes! There are to-die-for heels out there... and then, of course, don't forget the ne-plus-ultra for every bride: jewelry - namely, precious stones! And since we are showcasing the color green, we chose gorgeous emeralds in a diamond halo setting - that's green at its most glamorous!

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