Wedding Chicks

Wedding Chicks Bedroom Redesign By Simply Grove

Wedding Chicks Room Redesign

The wedding has ended, and it is time to move in together and combine your lives. Time to create a cohesive space that reflects both of your personal styles. You may just end up like my husband and me — filling each and every space of our home with furniture and knickknacks galore ... except our bedroom. Oddly enough, our bedroom is where we spend most of our free time. Sadly it was boring and in dire need of a splash of color and whole lot of pizazz as you can see below.
Since we are both busy bees, we did not have the time to devote to making our bedroom a special space. Luckily, we live super close to Kirsten of Simply Grove, and enlisted her services in our bedroom redesign. Thankfully her process was extremely simple, and mostly done online. Love that! Read on to hear about the entire process and how all of you can have Simply Grove redesign your new bedroom or any room for that matter. You can see all the photos in the full gallery here photographed by Boise wedding photographer Amanda Cherie Photography.

mismatched pillows

heart pillow

Hanging Light Bulb Glass Terrarium

Serena and Lilly Sheets

diy heart painting

diy gold canvas

The heart painting behind our bed was tremendously easy — with a few supplies and three short steps we had an eye popping piece for about $30. Everything for the painting was purchased at Michaels. Including: canvas, gold glitter spray paint,red acrylic paint and brushes.

1. Spray the canvas and let set overnight. Be careful the glitter scatters.
2. Print out a heart and center it on the canvas.
3. Paint your heart and let it dry. We did about three coats of red paint to make it look extra pretty.

Wedding Chicks Room Redesign

brass figurines

Serena and Lilly Rug

Wedding Chicks Room Redesign

Sweedish Haasbeens

On Simply Grove's Process:
Kirsten assessed our style (ok, mostly mine), then made a Pinterest board where she added products for us to review. From there I would say yay or nay. You can see the board here, and actually find all the products that made our room come to life. Below are a few of my favorite pieces that made the room come to life, including my favorite piece that tied the room together — a grape and indigo zig rug from Sernea and Lily. We are ecstatic on how everything turned out!

Room Redesign Shopping List

1. Brass Ring Table Lamp from Serena and Lily 2. Michelle Armas Halcyon Print
3. Sand/Navy Diamond Sheet Set from Serena and Lily
4. Magical Thinking Feather Curtain Tie-Back
5. Grape and indigo zig rug from Sernea and Lily 6. TOO by Blu Dot Sideburn Lounge Chair in Gray Botanical on sale for $139
7. Hanging Light Bulb Glass Terrarium

woolie pocket

West Elm Ikat curtains

gold vase

tray and gold Nate Burkas vase

cost plus desk with bucket chair

As you can see, we love plants. For those of you who do not have a green thumb, a resurrection plant might be a great fit. We bought ours from a little shop in Boise, Idaho called Bricolage. These little plants can die and come back to life with a little water.

Michelle Armas Painting

Wedding Chicks Redesign

we go together like salt and pepper

resurrection plant

Wedding Chicks Redesign

PhotographerAmanda Cherie Photography
StylingSimply Grove