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Wedding Chick Self Tanner Reviews + How To Apply Self Tanner


drugstore self tanner reviews

Who is going on a summer vacation, perhaps even a honeymoon? Well... if you want your skin to have a healthy glow (obviously), then you my friend are in the market for a sunless tanner. There are literally hundreds out there that it can be overwhelming. We went to our local drugstore and they only had a few brands to choose from and it seemed that L'Oreal was one of the main makers. So, for two weeks we each tested one product: a lotion, gel, mousse, spray, and towelettes to let you know what we thought and to save you from any feared self tanner orange outs.
If you would like that sun kissed glow before your wedding, we definitely recommend getting a professional spray tan, unless you are a seasoned expert at applying tanning creams. Our reviews below are for that quick everyday glow that we all love. If you have a favorite sunless tanning cream, be sure to let us know. We are always on the hunt!

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Self Tanning Towelettes review

We are starting off with L'Oreal Paris Sublime Self-Tanning, Towelettes  | around $9
Great to throw in your suitcase, if you do not have time to apply self tanning lotion! Overall, I felt they were quick and convenient.
Things I liked:
The towelettes are great if you need to get tan fast! It took me 2 applications and 3 days to get to my desired shade of bronze. After letting my skin dry completely, I was able to get dressed without residue ending up on my clothes and I was able to shower without losing too much of my color! After getting to your desired color of bronze you only need to apply the towelettes twice a week to maintain your tan. I didn't notice any streaks but I do recommend being very thorough with rubbing it in. Use lightly around the inside and outside of any joint near application. These areas really absorbed the color well.
Things I disliked:
I did notice that the color does rub off even with the smallest amount of moisture, so plan on staying dry or be prepared for color to transfer. Wait awhile before jumping into bed, my sheets were streaked with the cream. Beware if you are milky white, this color can be a bit intense for paler skin. The model above is wearing a strapless Ella Moss swimsuit with tonal crocheted ruffles and gusset. Hopefully you will look like her after applying your Towelettes.

loreal sublime gelee review

Next, L'Oreal Paris Sublime Self-Tanning Gelee | around $8
I used it every day for about 2 weeks, and now once a week to maintain the tan. I have very fair skin, so it was great to have a bit of color, but nothing too drastic.
Things I liked:
I did not apply it at night, I applied in the morning before I got dressed, and it did not take long to dry. None of my clothes were stained. It was very easy to apply. I though it smelled surprisingly well-a citrusy smell-compared to other self tanners I have used in the past. I will for sure keep using L'Oreal Paris Sublime Self-Tanning Gelee.
Things I disliked:
Because it was clear, and dried so quickly I was not so sure where I had applied the gel. However, if  I followed the directions below on how to apply self- tanner my tan would of looked better. I had streaks on my feet, but I went too fast. But, where I was careful I did have an even, 100% natural-looking tan without streaks. Case in point: follow directions. The model above is wearing a color-block bikini bottom in hibiscus.

Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance Gradual Tanner & Body Lotion

Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance Gradual Tanner & Body Lotion | around $11
Applied every other day right after showering. Product had a fairly clean and pleasant scent. I noticed very little change in the first few days although my skin was very moisturized. Roughly a week into applying, I did start to notice a slight change in skin tone.
Things I liked:
Long lasting moisture! I personally liked the gradual build up as it did not turn my snow white legs Oompa-Loompa orange over night, or at all. Fairly easy to apply (minus the middle of my back)! That is when I decided the Back Buddie Lotion applicator is a good solution for the committed moisturizers out there, whether its self tanning lotion or not. You definitely need this if you do not want to be tan everywhere and then super white on your upper back.
Things I disliked:
Some odd build up of color in strange spots that seemed to be where I naturally perspire. This product did stain my toenails. I’d suggest picking up a summery shade of polish when you purchase this particular tanner. The model above is wearing a Juicy Couture Bow Chic Bandeau Bikini.

loreal submlime bronze review

L'Oreal Paris Sublime ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist, Medium Natural Tan | $9
First off, there is really nothing I did not like about this product. I would recommenced using it every other day for a week to get the desired "summer tan" look and moisturize with regular lotion on opposite day to avoid your skin getting dry. I would use this leading up to a weekend getaway to maybe Vegas or Arizona or to simply maintain a natural glow without tanning.
Things I liked:
I really liked that this was a spray so I didn't have to worry about rubbing it in and having funky colored hands.​ It was not orangey at all and looked very natural. The color was the perfect touch to my slightly olive skin after not having seen the sun since before winter! It dried very quickly and did not leave color on my clothing (after at least 5 mins of drying). I loved it because I like a definite tan look and this did the trick without looking orange whatsoever.
Things I disliked:
The smell! It wasn't too bad, but it didn't smell like roses either. It went on clear so you cannot tell if you missed a spot. You have to have a partner help you with your back, because it is a spray you cannot use the Back Buddie Lotion applicator. Don't try spraying it over your shoulder it would look crazy and uneven, and you might be mistaken for a zebra.

Jergens natural glow review

Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer | around $8.50
I applied this every night after my shower. I became gradually tan, with a natural-looking color. It is streak-free and surprisingly does not have an odor.  The quick-drying foam formula provides an even, streak-free glow.
Things I liked:
The color wasn’t over the top and provided a warm glow to the skin. The foam format made application very easy and smooth. The color stays where it’s supposed to, my hands, sheets and clothes came away orange free!
Things I disliked:
For some reason, likely operator error, my ankles seemed to suffer from streaks. The color did not just come over night, it was a gradual glow-so this won’t be an overnight quick fix. This doesn’t work well as a moisturizer, so be sure to pick up lotion as well! The model above  is wearing  the Rio Vista Ikat bathing suit.

how to apply self tanner

Okay, you read our drug store reviews on self tanners, and you picked up your favorite. Read on for directions and a few helpful hints on how to correctly apply your self tanner. Ohhh, and don't forget after you have your new bronzed look to check out how to perfectly apply your bronze makeup.
1. Tanning Cream of your choice
2. Exfoliating Scrub for the shower we like Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Scrub.
3. Tanning Mitt 4. Vaseline 5. Back Buddie Lotion applicator for creams Process
1. Shave at least one hour before you begin application.
2. Exfoliate your skin.
3. Dry off your body completely.
4. Apply Vaseline around your hairline and to your eyebrows
5. Put on your Tanning Mitt or latex gloves and apply lightly to your face and neck. Don't forget about your ears, and all exposed areas.
6. Apply the product to your legs and feet. Be super careful around your feet, they streak very easily so apply your cream lightly.
7. Apply to your stomach, chest, shoulders, and arms (take your Tanning Mitt off for your hands). Be very careful with your hands, they are like your feet and streak easily. Avoid your palms.
8. Take your Back Buddie Lotion applicator and apply to your back, or have your your love apply tanning cream to your back.
9. Take a wet wipe or kleenex and wipe off your wrists, top of your feet, and your knees so that they do not look streaky.
10. Lastly you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Even if you used the Tanning Mitt.
11. We waited to get dressed, but you could also use a blow dry for a few seconds to get dry faster.
1. We did stain our sheets! Try to wait at least an hour or so before you put on any clothes or go to bed to make sure it is really soaked up.
2. These products work best when you leave them overnight, so make this part of your nightly routine. Until you are your desired color of course.
3. In the morning after you shower you should be a sun kissed goddess.
4. Oops, do you see a few streaks? We used lemon essential oil or lemon juice for our streaks. They also have Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover that instantly wipe away self-tanner streaks and unwanted color.
Don't miss our shopping list below on all the supplies you will need to get that perfect sunless tan, along with all the hot swimsuits seen in this feature.

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