Wedding Chicks

Wedding Candy Buffet

A wedding candy buffet or dessert table is fast becoming a must-have at today's weddings.  Sometimes it's not so much about the candy as it is about the overall presentation and tablescape.  Clear vases are filled to the rim with colorful candies.  From the neck of the glass jar, a small vintage sign hangs  indicating the vessel's sweet contents.  Glass jars reminiscent of those found in old-time candy shops stand at varying heights to give dimension to the table.  Intermingled with the vases are trays filled with even more cookies or other delectable treats.

Wedding Candy Bar

Install vintage fabric for a dramatic backdrop.  At both ends of the table, hang colorful paper lanterns.  Add a homemade paper garland to add to the sweetness of the overall decor.  Dress up the table itself with a tablecloth that matches the color or theme of the event.

Chalkboard Signs at Candy Bar

Have clear cellophane bags at the ready for your guests to fill to the brim with candy.  Alternatively have pint-size chinese takeout boxes to easily port the candy around the room.

* We sell the chalkboard signs found in the picture above and many, MANY favor bags and boxes to help complete your ideal wedding candy buffet bar or dessert table.