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Diamond Mansion Wedding Rings

We have more pretty baubles for you to ooh and awe over, this time from Diamond Mansion Co. Not only do they have sparkly pretty diamonds, but they also offer a whole lot more. For one thing, they carry the highest quality diamonds that can possibly be made, all made in the USA in an eco-friendly manner. 100% non-treated and natural. They offer a wide variety of gorgeous rings to choose from including our favorite halo engagement rings.
We would also like you to know that each of their diamonds are 100% Conflict Free. Who doesn't love that? Above all, for all of you outside of California, there is no sales tax. Hip hip hooray! Below are a few of the unique engagement rings they carry. Be sure to see their entire line of diamond engagement rings here.

engagement ring styles

To make you feel even more secure about your diamond engagement ring purchase, anything you buy from Diamond Mansion Co. can be refunded in full within 45 days for any reason. We also have to mention their lifetime upgrade policy. They will buy back your ring at 80%+ of its original price when you decide to upgrade your ring. They also offer 100% credit on the original center diamond when you decide to upgrade your stone in the future. How fabulous is that? As an added bonus you also will receive 3 years of free maintenance -which includes polishing, deep 3D cleaning & securing stones.
In addition to all the bonuses you will receive with Diamond Mansion Co. You can also design your own engagement ring. You simply need to click on the diamond shapes to preview different rings with different center shapes. In the last step you will be able to choose the actual certified center diamond.

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Wedding And Engagement Rings From Diamond Mansion