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Wedding Advice From The Pros | Contemporary Catering


contemporary catering

We asked Nathaniel of Contemporary Catering for his best advice on hiring and trusting your caterer. Read on to learn from his experience:
The number one tip I would give any bride is to trust the pros. The caterer should listen to you first, but it is equally as important for you to listen to them. Remember, professionals are professionals for a reason. In theory and by definition, they know more than you do about what you are embarking on. As a caterer, it is our responsibility to know more about food, its preparation, the service of it, and all related logistics around it than you. Successful events happen when a hospitality professional takes the time to listen to your requests, then reciprocates with their suggestions.

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Also, be optimistic but realistic when it comes to finding that perfect nexus of your dream and your budget. Before taking on any wedding related DIY project, especially as it relates to food, think it through. Remember, your job on your wedding day is to embrace the magic and be a bride, not put out a cheese platter for appetizers in effort to save $300.00. Make it easy on yourself so that you can cherish and enjoy your day. Choose DIY projects that can be created & assembled weeks or months before the wedding, and beware of perishable projects, like floral and food, which because of their nature must be created just before the big day, when you are the busiest Our mantra is “Something sacred is at stake at every event,” and that includes the planning process as well as the execution of the event. I find myself often telling brides that if you love our food, love our service, and love our pricing, but don’t like us personally, then you shouldn’t work with us. You are forging a relationship that might last anywhere from two to fifteen months with your caterer, so make sure it is someone you are comfortable engaging in conversation with and who understands your vision. Have fun with it - that's why we do it, and we hope you do too!
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