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Wear Your Love Has a New Bridal Collection and You’re Going to ‘Grow’ Crazy Over It


Wear Your Love Has a New Bridal Collection and You’re Going to ‘Grow’ Crazy Over It Dress:

It’s March, chicks - a month that used to herald the beginning of spring, warmer mornings, light that luckily lasts longer, and a general mood of ‘wake up’ for the globe. Last year stole that away from us, though, and we never got the promised ‘lamb,’ the softer, gentler good vibes that are always supposed to dovetail with the season’s long awaited arrival. COVID came in like a lion and beyond overstayed its welcome, but here we are a year later, and our lamb looks like she might finally be on her way (of course, she’s a female) 🙏🏻 Wear Your Love, the brand behind dream dresses that ring true to the pure joy of getting married, feels just like we do - and as such, they’re unveiling a seriously stunning new lineup of gowns that go so well with this New Bloom in all of our lives. Keep reading, brides, because you absolutely deserve the positivity and these hopeful feels when you're planning for your forever.

The Muse.

NEW BLOOM is a state of mind.

It is the scent of blossoms unfurling as they whisper soft promises of life awakening.

It is the still voice of gratitude, deep within, as it reminds us of all the enduring beauty in this world.

It is the honey sweet taste of surrendering worries and believing the best is yet to come.

It is the feeling of being embraced by the ones who love us, as we embrace our truth, and dance through the days with substance and authenticity.

And, it is knowing that love is resilient even in the darkest of winters.

Wear Your Love is placing a bet on a brighter future with the New Bloom collection, and we’re so pumped to see you get your hands on these full-of-life pieces.

Wear Your Love Has a New Bridal Collection and You’re Going to ‘Grow’ Crazy Over It Dress:

The Seeds From Which The Fashions Are Sewn.

“As we look to the Earth for reassurance and inspiration, NEW BLOOM is manifested from Spring’s joyful promise of light. We invite our free-spirited kindred souls to our celebration of full hearts, open minds, and happy bodies. With this collection, we hug your curves and adorn your spirit in florals, leaves, stars, and swirls. You’ll find lighter-than-air chiffons, endlessly alluring lace textures, and picture-perfect toppings of delicate satin ribbons, gossamer lace flutters, and timeless cotton dot trimmings. Sensual open-back designs and shoulder-baring silhouettes reveal swaths of skin ready to be kissed by sunlight, while elegant long sleeve beauties decorate your arms with budding roses and climbing vines. Each gown is handmade with tantalizingly soft lace and lined with breathable organic cotton, designed to move with ease and stretch with leaps and laughter. Whether you’re dancing your heart out or hiking to your mountain elopement, NEW BLOOM is here to give you the freedom, inspiration, and confidence to enjoy all of your moments to their fullest.” 

~ Jillian Leigh, Wear Your Love’s Founder + Creative Director

Wear Your Love Has a New Bridal Collection and You’re Going to ‘Grow’ Crazy Over It Dress:

But truthfully, here are the buds on these new bridal duds.

  • The new collection blooms with 11 dresses and 4 hair accessories

  • It’s inspired by spring - a celebration of all the hope, beauty, and rebirth the season symbolizes.

  • It’s playful and full of light, featuring details like off-the-shoulder lace ruffles, scalloped lace detailing, and cotton dot trim.

  • The nature-inspired laces feature delicate blooming flowers and climbing leaves.

  • There is something for every bride: long sleeve backless gowns, off-the-shoulder beauties, and strappy silhouettes.

  • Everything is handmade with luxuriously-soft aforementioned laces, silky chiffons, and lined with supple organic cotton.

  • Everything is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind (because when you wear your love, you’re uninhibited, you’re unencumbered, you’re utterly and entirely yourself): stretch lace, elasticized waistlines, delicate ribbon back ties, and optional sewn-in bust cups give you the freedom to enjoy your big day and move about with ease.

  • All Wear Your Love gowns are eco-consciously made from start-to-finish in their Northern California studio.

  • The business is 100% online and each gown is crafted on a made-to-order basis using their brides’ unique measurements.

  • Affordably-priced gowns, custom tailored to every shape and size for a truly perfect fit - that’s how Wear Your Love keeps growing tbh!

Wear Your Love Has a New Bridal Collection and You’re Going to ‘Grow’ Crazy Over It Dress:

No spring showers with these babes, it’s ALL sunshine (in so many more ways than one)

“WOW!! I received my dress over the weekend and cannot believe how perfectly it fits!! It’s the dream dress, I couldn’t imagine a better dress for my wedding. You and your team are incredible! The material to the detailing of the train is so beautiful. I am in awe. I can’t wait to wear it.” ~ Katerina in California

“Dear Californian dream makers! I have just received my dress today and I couldn’t cope. It is the most stunning dress I have ever seen. It fits perfectly, like a glove, is very comfy and is just so so pretty. I wish I could never take it off from now on! Thank you very much for creating something so special and so magical. It’s absolutely the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen and I cannot believe I get to wear it for my special day! I feel so privileged!” ~ Klara in the United Kingdom

Wear Your Love Has a New Bridal Collection and You’re Going to ‘Grow’ Crazy Over It Dress:

Shop the whole new collection on site rn. 👉 New Bloom by Wear Your Love


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