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Wear a Wedding Ring Like Mila Kunis

Wear a Wedding Ring Like Mila Kunis

We love Mila Kunis, she's beautiful, talented and hilarious in Bad Moms. Which, by the way, we saw this weekend and LOL. Like seriously, one of us may have snorted. Side Note: Definitely see the movie.

Obviously, Mila is a multi-millionaire-famous actress with a hot famous hubby and is ultra gorgeous.  Despite this fanciness, there is something about her to which we truly can relate.

One of those relatable things is her wedding band. Mila and Ashton spent about $90 each on their wedding bands from an undisclosed Etsy shop. How great is that? And in honor of Mila and Ashton's fabulousness, here are a few Etsy wedding rings we really love.


In case you were wondering what her engagement ring looks like ... that's it below. According to Mila, she doesn't wear it all that much and opts to wear her Etsy ring.

Wear a Wedding Ring Like Mila Kunis

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