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We Tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra Here's The Verdict


We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

Guys, it’s April!! How the hell did that happen, wasn’t it Valentine’s Day like a hot second ago? That might have been the last time we took stock in our lingerie situation. Like, actually cared about what was going on under our clothes, or what was coming off, TBH. But since we already have a fridge covered in STDs (save the dates, people, c’mon) and bridal shower invites, it’s probably a good time to do some recon on our undergarment game.

Before you read on ... to find out why you need one of these and SURPRISE there is a coupon code for you.

Yes, making sure our fashion choices are in 👌 shape is of primo importance, but what happens if the ensems are sidelined by less-than suitable intimates underneath? It all falls flat, well, maybe for some - for me, the wrong bra means my girls are going wild. And that’s just so not appro for the occasion.

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

From engagement parties to bridal showers, bachelorettes to the big day, honeymooning and beyond, there’s no shortage of revelry when it comes to wedding season. And you gotta slay for all of the above. So, we caught up with a brand that’s been KILLING it in the baller bra space over the last year or so (any guesses yet? We’re pretty sure you’re already following them on Insta), and got the skinny on how a good backless, strapless, stick-on bra can change your life, especially from April through October - wedding season, baby….

Sneaky Vaunt on the Vaunt It Push Up

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

You know that unbelievable feeling when you take off a ridiculously-confining pair of stockings at the end of a sweaty night of dancing, schmoozing and boozing, when you can breathe and your 🌎feels whole again? Well, imagine that in reverse. Sneaky Vaunt’s Vaunt It Push Up is a backless, strapless, stick-on push up bra for max (and adjustable) cleavage. You gotta watch the video to see how the magic happens, but here are a few bullets to guide you. 

Once you’ve got your girls sucked in and pushed up, you can get through wedding season like a total champ.

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

    1. Peel back that plastic [once you’ve got the goods in hand]

    2. Loosen the tie to max looseness
    3. Line up your nipple with the non-sticky hole and stick, one cup at a time
    4. Check that the cups are even
    5. Hold the clasp and pull the tie through for girl-crush-worthy cleavage
    6. If you need, peel the cups back and re-adjust slightly
    7. Stand back and check yourself out!
    8. Rinse (no really, hand-rinse) and repeat 40+ times for maximum sexiness every time

If you have one of these maxi-cleavage cuties already (I do, and I’m obsessed with it, especially the case it comes in - you’ll have to order your own to peep the packaging, though), have been thinking about investing - as per one of your bestie or sister’s glowing recommendations, yupppp 🙋🏻, or have been standing over your lingerie drawer in total meltdown mode over having nothing to wear under all your wedding season outfits, here are a few things to consider Sneaky Vaunt for:

The bra looks and feels good on everyone.

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

Think of it as the jeans on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Whether you’re Blake, Alexis, America or Amber, you AND your girl squad are going to look hot in this bra no matter what. The brand has girls of all sizes, A-DD, wearing its push-ups and loving their results. Finding the size that works best for you is quick and easy. All you have to do is select your usual cup size (A-DD). And oh, band size doesn’t matter, because the bra is strapless and backless. Boom. 🙌

The bride can wear whatever she wants with no worry

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

I am and was a DD bride when I got married, and I wore a dress with a sweetheart neck. I ended up going braless for the day, because my dress had a lot of built-in support, but I still felt weird (and like I might be falling out of my top at SOME point during the marathon day of matrimony). Other brides have to go to extra lengths to have cups sewn into their gowns. But the Sneaky Vaunt Push Up can be worn under anything and it’s made for form and function with a chic, clean design, that actually does what it’s supposed to do. No tape and no pricey built-in-bra alterations needed here! ✔️

This bra will open new fashion doors for you for wedding season

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

Do you have 6 weddings on your cal from now through the fall? Have you been doing a lot of arm, back and shoulder days at the gym and want to flaunt your progress with some backless or halter dresses that show off your toned and sculpted bod? Well, if you’ve got one of these backless, stick-on push ups on hand, you’ll be stunning in no time. Or what about the bridal party? If you’re the bride and have a very particular dress in mind for your maids - maybe it’s lace, maybe it’s strapless - then do your part and make their decision to say ‘YES’ to the dress an easy one. Get their bra! 1) They’ll love it 2) They’ll wear it again (even if they don’t want to rock their dress more than once) and 3) You know they’ll be looking haute #perfectbridalpartypicsplease.

The colors are ‘I Do’ worthy and some

We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

Okay, so it’s not exactly Earth-shatteringly special that the bra comes in three basic colors - nude, pink and black. BUT. Because it can be worn under any outfit, you'll probably want to stock up on the trifecta of shades. Nude for your wedding (obvi) and any of the pre and post wedding events that you’ll want to wear white for - your engagement party, your engagement photos, your morning after brunch. Pink for you and your bridesmaids to wear to your bridal shower or bachelorette. And black to wear on the bachelorette and your honeymoon - now that you’re done being a bride, it’s time to go back to basic black 😉.


We tried Sneaky Vaunt's Cleavage Bra  — Here's The Verdict ...

Would we actually gas something up that much and NOT give you a promo code? Nope, never. How does 10 percent off sound? Enter ‘Wedding10’ at checkout and voila, you’ve got a reason to Vaunt It. Shop their selection of push ups now. They’re the tits, hehehe.

We partnered with Sneaky Vaunt to give you the deets on their dirty little secret called the Vaunt It Push Up! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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Oh.. and as if that isn’t exciting enough, they've just launched a whole new line of lingerie. Yep, your new favorite lingerie brand is here. Their entirely new collection of lingerie expands on the Original Sneaky Vaunt Push-Up Bra – backless, strapless, and easy-to-use. From panties to bodysuits, bralettes, underwear, and shapewear, they've got you covered all year long. Shop the range at and here is a sneak peek below.

pink panties from Sneaky Vaunt

Sneaky Vaunt lingerie

wedding panties form Sneaky Vaunt

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