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We Had To Postpone Our Wedding Due To COVID19


We Had To Postpone Our Wedding Due To COVID19

My fiancé, Conner, and I were so excited to get married on May 16, 2020. We had been planning our dream wedding at a venue in northern Michigan for close to two years now. We were anxious to finally go on our first real vacation together – our honeymoon to Riviera Maya, Mexico! 

In March, things started to turn sideways in Michigan. The pandemic began to take over our state rapidly, but we were still hopeful for our original day. Within a matter of days, we were receiving phone calls constantly from family and friends asking if our wedding was still on, if they needed to send in their RSVPs by the end of the month, and some even begged us to cancel or elope. Many flights for our out-of-state guests began to cancel, and no news story had a positive outlook. 

We Had To Postpone Our Wedding Due To COVID19

It finally hit me that our original plans may not work. My anxiety of the unknown made me very emotional for a few days straight. We were both confused as to what the right decision was for our big day and extremely frustrated. We came up with plans B, C, D, E, practically the entire alphabet worth of ideas. 

We eventually received a phone call from our venue, allowing us to pick between two backup wedding days, but only had 24 hours to decide. I immediately reached out to all of my vendors to check their availabilities. Surprisingly, all but one vendor had one of our backup days available, September 26, 2020! Out of an abundance of caution for our loved ones, we decided to postpone our wedding to that day! 

We Had To Postpone Our Wedding Due To COVID19

Since then, we have both finally felt hopeful for once during this hard time. I learned that it is okay to be upset about having to postpone your wedding, but eventually, everything will all work out. I also found a silver lining that we now have extra time to plan more things to make our day even more special! We are far more excited than ever to get married on our new day!

Reneen Seymour

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