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Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever


Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever

A dress is just a dress, right? Well, on anyyyy other day, that’s totally true, but on your wedding day, your dress is THE dress. It needs to fit perfectly, because - spoiler alert - if you spend the day stressing about how your boobs are looking, what your butt looks like, whether you have “all the back fat” (sorry, this phrase is permanently ingrained in my mind after my sister’s wedding last fall, I still have nightmares about making sure her strapless dress was smoothed and there was a complete absence of back bulge), there’s a good chance you’ll forget what your soulmate’s face looked like the minute he or she got that first look. And that’s a damn shame. Brides, it’s time to shape up: this is your day to shine, and bad vibes just don’t go well with wedding vows. That’s why we caught up with SPANX. To give everyone who’s currently worried about their dress bombing on their big day a reason to slow their roll … because SPANX wedding gear will provide ALL the roll control you need.

True Story: Shapewear Could Have Ruined My Wedding Day.

When I preparing for my September 2014 wedding, I started looking for undergarments for my gown probs 6 months in advance. I was a nervous wreck and knew that for my dress, which was a fit and flare silhouette, with a sweetheart neckline, I needed the perfect things underneath to suck me in and smooth me out. I’m pretty sure I bought at least $300 worth of ‘wedding’ underwear - including a lacy control top, high-waisted thong, two or three strapless bras (in a variety of colors: nude, blush, and ivory), and a plethora of nude thong panties, because you seriously can never have enough.

Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever

Well, I won’t go on and on, because I’ll bore you all, but essentially, at my first fitting, I brought all my stuff to try on with my dress and none of it worked. In fact, the shapewear actually did the opposite of smoothing, and I was all tears as I walked out in my corseted gown to show my mom, sister, and cousins. It was a hot mess, and I was mortified. We left the bridal salon broken, and my mother was absolutely distraught. She cancelled all of her plans the next day so that we could hit up every off-the-rack bridal retailer and find something that would make me smile again. Crazily, the next morning, we bravely returned to my boutique, and I tried on my gown again, WITHOUT the hundreds of dollars of lingerie I was sooo amped up about wearing. It worked, and I was finally happy, but it made me realize that without something spectacular going on behind-the-scenes, a dress loses its luster, it falls flat, and you’re liable to feel like Cinderella once her dress transforms back into rags, she loses a shoe, and she’s left heartbroken. Goshhhh, that's rough. 

That’s Why There’s Only one Brand To Trust.

No bride should ever not feel her best when she’s zipped or laced into her dress the morning of her wedding, so starting with the right canvas is everything. Lots of brides, like my former self, get tripped up with all the ‘bridal’ lingerie that’s out there - the stuff that looks so aisle-appropriate and pretty - you can’t possibly believe that it’ll be anything but perfect. But speaking from experience, the girly ‘something blue’ shapewear or lacy white lingerie (that could only be made for a bride, duh), doesn’t do a whole lot.

Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever

Disappointing but decidedly true, the stuff that’s cleverly marketed for soon-to-be-Misuses is just super expensive and less than functional. Could work for a boudoir shoot, maybe, but once it comes to putting clothes back on, the wheels kind of fall off.

That’s why you have to go with a brand that was built on making a woman feel her best in the clothes she’s wearing. If the options can make a girl feel great when she’s just bumming around in a T-shirt and jeans or kicking it in a casj jumpsuit, then they’re going to make her feel insane when she’s stepping into one of the most special pieces of apparel she’ll ever wear.

Oh! And about that ‘pretty’ that every bride looks for and lusts after when she’s got a ring around THAT finger - that’s still very much a part of the picture. Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fashion and feminine, too.

Get your dress what it needs and what you deserve.
Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the SPANX wedding selection. You don’t haveee to be the bride, either, to appreciate the assortment. Nothing screams ‘I’m a bride, I can only wear this if I’m saying ‘I Do,’’ but obviously it all works for the most popular wedding gown styles, cuts, and necklines. The nude and black colorways are great, too, because they can be used long after the wedding day, when wearing white isn’t your only option. Holla!!! Shop everything now!! 

Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever

Suit Your Fancy High-Waisted Thong. 

Available in sizes XS-3X $64-$68

This is the ultimate shaping solution for when you’re getting glam! The lightweight, shaping fabric offers a flat tummy and smooth sides, while the Comfort Crack™ design ensures 24/7 comfort and no panty lines. Shop now! 

Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Bodysuit. 

Available in sizes XS-XL $148

This is the ultimate low-back, low-front solution for when you’re dressing like a celebrity for the red carpet (your long-awaited debut will just be on an aisle, lined with rose petals, rather than a step and repeat lined with logos. Paparazzi promised for both). Adjustable and convertible straps offer versatility, while sleek shaping fabric works invisibly “back stage” to ensure your style gets all the applause. Shop now!

Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever

OnCore Open Bust Bodysuit. 

Available in sizes S-3X $98-$102

Looking for a total transformation when you’re tying the knot? You’re in the right place. This bodysuit is lightweight and powerful, featuring fully-bonded front-panels for a tabletop flat stomach, and edge-bonded side panels for comfortable, squeeze-free slimming. Show now! 

Suit Your Fancy Strapless Bodysuit. 

Available in sizes XS-XL $148

This is the ultimate strapless solution for when you’re letting your décolletage take center stage at the ceremony. Removable, adjustable, and convertible straps offer versatility, while sleek shaping fabrics work invisibly to smooth any and all problem areas. Shop now! 

OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh. 

Available in sizes XS-3X $72-$76

Flat-out flattening thanks to a bonded tummy and side panels - for when you’re whittling your waist just like Kim K did at this year’s Met. Butt pockets keep your rear in gear - anchors and prevents uni-butt and the SPANX double gusset allows for total ease when nature calls (yah, it’s your wedding, but sorry to say you won’t be able to snap your fingers and just stop pee for the day). Shop now! 

Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever

I’ll actually be going to a wedding next month, and haven’t decided what I’m wearing yet, because I’ll be 5 months 🤰🏻… but I’ve looked into some SPANX maternity shapewear, and I’ve already got my sights on the mama shorts… just sayin! Guests can get in on the goods too!

Wardrobe Worries No More - Spanx Will Save Your Best Day Ever


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We partnered with SPANX to give you some deets on their I Do-worthy shapewear! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!