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Wait, What’s This We Hear About The 1st Wedding Dept. Store?


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For as long as I’ve worked in the bridal industry, I’ve heard the phrase wedding ‘one-stop-shop’ used for everything. Well, it’s (and yes, that’s with an apostrophe, for all you grammar nerds) all been total BS up until now, because the first true wedding one-stop-shop just opened up in London, and it’s the actual real deal. The Wedding Gallery, where have you been all of our lives? And also, do your powers that be think there’s any possibility you’ll pop up in a mall near us? Because we’re ready for you.

Let’s take a further look at this new concept… Think Nordstrom Wedding Suite, if it got some serious bridal botox and fillers… Because this isn’t just a pop-up shop within a shop, it’s a full-on luxury department store that promises to delight brides, bridesmaids, MOBs and other VIPs in complete nuptial nirvana. A Willy Wonka factory for weddings, if you will.

The Wedding Gallery First Wedding Department Store in LondonPhoto:

The impressive 20,000 square-foot, double decker store boasts a beyond-bonkers cache of curated wedding brands, among them, bride and groom attire, arbiters of health & beauty, caterers, stationers, wedding cake bakers, jewelers, venues, drink services and entertainment. Umm, pretty much everything a couple could ever want to make their wedding dreams a reality.

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The store is arranged with gorgeously-decorated vignettes that showcase wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, groom and groomsmen get-ups, the most uh-mazing wedding cakes, stunning stationery and styling services. That’s right, the first-ever salon catering exclusively to brides and their entourages. So you’ll never run into problems with your stylist saying “oh, I’m sorry, I don’t do updos.”

Above and beyond the already dream-worthy experience of a wedding department store (I mean, really, why hasn’t this ever come to mind over here?), TWG has an entire team of wedding planners and coordinators on-site to help brides and grooms navigate everything from finding a venue, to falling in love with florals.

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And for the guys who say they aren’t into shopping, well, while your girl gets her bride on, you can head over to the men’s section and get all liquored up. Yah. A whisky bar. How wonderful.

While it’s a bit unclear exactly what The Club at The Wedding Gallery entails (i.e. will you have to shell out major beaucoup bucks on top of any merchandise to be a member of this elite group), according to its website, “all customers become members of The Club at The Wedding Gallery and gain access to exclusive events, trunk shows and much more.” So, perks just keep comin’.

Again, we’re not sure if this world debut will inspire stateside experimentation, but we’ve got ALL the fingers crossed. Until then, we’ll just have to live vicariously through everything posted on the Insta channels.

The Wedding Gallery First Wedding Department Store in LondonPhoto:

Don’t know about you, chicks, but this sounds like the perfect occasion to do a little wedding dress shopping alone. Right? Oh, and also, you enter through a secret bookcase door… how divinely Disney of them...

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