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Wait, Did We All Just Consider a Horse and Carriage Ride?

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Okay, so regardless of the type of bride you are, you have to admit that you’ve considered a fairy tale wedding in the months following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement. We ALL have. Even us who’ve already gotten married. And now that we have even more details about this royal wedding, courtesy of Kensington Palace, we’re feeling just that much more inspired to have a wedding fit for a prince and princess.

In a statement from royal officials, it was revealed that in the wake of their ceremony, the pair will cozy up for a carriage ride around Windsor to their reception at St. George’s Hall. Apparently, “they are very much looking forward to the day and to being able to share their celebrations with the public.”

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Though the two haven’t seemed too caught up in the trappings and traditions of royal decorum, a far cry from Will and Kate (remember their alternative black and white engagement photos?), they did confirm the carriage ride, and if anything says fairy tale, it’s a horse-drawn carriage. Which one they’ll use is still up in the air, but considering how modern Megs and Harry are, we’re hoping they’ll go with something a little more updated and less stuffy.

Now, for all of the rest of us, there’s probably not a 30K+ people town ready and raring to watch us ride off into the sunset, but there’s still something so special about a carriage ride. The romance, the resplendence, and all of those they’re-really-married! responses and general rowdiness that usually comes with revelry.

And for real, you don’t have to be wearing a princess gown with a full skirt and blue-blooded embellishments to appreciate the appeal of a horse and carriage getaway. Meghan probably won’t be anyway! After all, she’s all about simplicity, effortlessly chic style and sexiness. Still, if you’re feeling meh about this mode of transpo for your big day, we’ve detailed out a few ways to trick out your ride for the oh-so-special occasion.

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  1. Add some gorgeous flowers to deck out the decor and ramp up the photo readiness. Some of these overgrown floral looks are AH MAZE.

  2. Lose the feather accoutrements around the horse’s head. They’re a little too extra if you ask us…

  3. Temper your driver’s formality a bit… maybe throw out the top hat, and have him or her just look professional not necessarily like they’re taking a page out of Cinderella’s chauffeur’s playbook.

  4. That being said, a glass carriage or other royal coach wouldn’t be too far out of the realm of possibility. #princessdreamneverdies

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