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Wait Bon Jovi! What If You Didn't Have To Live On A Prayer!?


Whooah, we're half way there, Livin' on a prayer, Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear... wait Bon Jovi! What if you didn't have to live on a prayer!? We know you've been planning this gorgeous destination wedding that you and your guests just cannot wait to fly off to, but you are taking a lot on faith that everything will run smoothly. RoamRight Travel Insurance wants to protect you from anxiety inducing circumstances like a Hurricane in the Caribbean or winter flight delays or cancelations or who knows what else! 

RoamRight Travel Insurance offers you highly rated comprehensive coverage at a competitive price, perfect for couples planning their perfect day far from home. How great would it be to know that you and your wedding party  are covered in case the unthinkable happens due to domestic snow, wind, or rain storms. Or even worse... what happens if your dream destination has something happen to it? ... How does livin' on a prayer sound now? 



Not to Sew Any Seeds Of Doubt

Buuuuuut we have to address the fact that sometimes that dream wedding just falls through. Whether you and your honey find out a tad too late that maybe it's not meant to be... or if you happen to be a guest at of a couple that call it quits before the knot is tied, We'd all like to know our expenses are covered. RoamRight Travel Insurance will cover your guests trips when they purchase the Cancel for Any Reason* upgrade.  Sweet deal, you can insure you and your guest and even be covered incase disaster strikes your location**! 

*You may only cancel with more the 48 hours from your scheduled departure date.
**Your wedding-related deposits (venue, caterer, etc.) are not covered.


Smoothing Out Those Travel Bumps

Hoping for the best is sometimes all you can do, but at least RoamRight Travel Insurance can help you do a little more then hope. If you are interested in providing travel insurance for your wedding party, give RoamRight a call at 800-699-3845 or by emailing them at You can get your free quote for group coverage as well as learn more about protecting your wedding OR your honeymoon! 

And incase you need more travel ideas for your future, be sure to follow RoamRight Travel Insurance on Instagram @roamright. They have tons of gorgeous photos on their page that will have you wishing you could hop on a plane today. 

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