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Vintage Inspired Swirly Hair Updo DIY


vintage diy updo tutorial

We have a vintage inspired swirly hair updo DIY that is elegant, yet fresh and modern, all at the same time. Perfectly done by one of our favorite hair stylists 10.11 makeup! This on trend wedding updo pairs perfect with an Olivia Nelson headpiece that you can snag from Your Cloud Parade. You can do this style with all lengths of hair, the model today has shoulder length hair.
If you are unfamiliar with Your Cloud Parade, be sure to go and check it out. Basically a curated marketplace of stylish wedding goods. From bow ties to bracelets, they have it all.

supplies for an updo

Erica made us a little shopping list for our DIY updo
1. Bobby Pins 2. Tortoise Backcomb 3. Barrel Curling Iron 4. Kevin Murphy Texture Spray 5. KMS hair play Step 1: TEXTURE Add some texture to the hair by adding some curl. Spray with some texturizing spray, as well as a little hairspray- this will help the hair hold the backcombing/teasing for the next step.

section and tease

Step 2: SECTION AND TEASE Separate the hair into 3 sections so you have a mow hawk section of hair starting from the front hair line, down to the nape of the neck. *Because this is a fun and deconstructed style, your partings do not need to be perfect-You may even choose to not part, and gather hair from the center as you work your way back during the style.
Take the mohawk section, and backcomb/tease. Gather small sections of the hair at a time, place the comb about 3 1/2 inches from the scalp, pressing the hair down towards your scalp to create a cushion, spray a little hair spray and continue as you work up the strands of hair from that section. Repeat until you have successfully backcombed/teased the entire mohawk section. As you backcomb each section of the mohawk parting, you can lay that hair forward as you work your way back. *Leave to two side sections alone, or pin out of the way.

wedding up do tutorial

STEP 3: SIDE TO SIDE Gather the hair from one of the side sections, backcombing the underside and smoothing the outer portion, and pull to the opposite side and pin.
*You may need to lift the loose hair from the mohawk section so that you can pull the hair across to pin. Spray with hairspray.  Repeat with the remaining loose side, covering the portion you just pinned as you pull the hair to the opposite side. Pin the end of the hair up and under the hair previously pulled across, hiding the ends of the hair as well as the bobby pin. Spray with hairspray.

hair diy updo

Step 5: ROLL AND MAKE FANCY With the remaining mohawk section of hair, create your design. Gather sections of hair to create "pin-curl" type formations. * These section sizes can vary depending on your length of hair as well as your personal design/preference.  Roll each section of hair clockwise, forming your "pin-curl" type formation, and secure with a bobby pin. You can roll all of the hair in the same clock-wise formation, or you can create your own design rotating directions as well.

diy wedding updo

Step 6: FINISH Finish with a spray. Once all of the hair is secured, spray with a finishing spray.
*Optional, add your favorite hair adornment to this style wherever you would like, and secure with a bobby pin. Like this cute head piece from Olivia Nelson

vintage wedding diy updo

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