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Villa Amor in Sayulita Mexico


Villa Amor Sayulita

My husband and I had the pleasure of spending a few days together in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico. Just an hour north of Puerto Vallarta is a small town with beautiful people, literally the best fish tacos we've ever had and a stunning resort called Villa Amor! Villa Amor provided a spectacular room for us and what a pleasure it was! Sayulita is booming with romance and intimacy. This next part is going to sound like something out of a rom com, but I swear it happened. As my husband, Austin and I walked on the beach in front of Villa Amor a group of people listening to music and having fun started chanting, "BESO! BESO! BESO!" I looked at Austin and said, "I think they want us to kiss." So we kissed and they all shouted, "VIVA AMOR!!!" It was the first day on our trip and we already knew this was going to be a romagical* trip.

*(ro-maj-ikal: when something is romantic and magical at the same time).


Upon arriving to Villa Amor we were greeted with the friendliest staff and a captivating landscape. The resort looks like something out of an advertisement for paradise. We had someone escort us to our room and show us all the luxuries available to us. The room we had the pleasure of staying in is called Las Lanchas. A two bedroom with a kitchen, living room and the most beautiful view you've ever seen. The resort features a collection of 24 oceanfront villas to choose from. 

Villa Amor Sayulita

We were able to thoroughly enjoy each other in what felt like our own little paradise.  The open concept, open- air living space was dreamy all throughout the day. Each bedroom had their own sliding doors for at night when it would get a little chilly. The room was truly extraordinary and the ocean glistened just for us every morning + night.

Villa Amor Sayulita Las LanchasVilla Amor Sayulita Las Lanchas


Near the entrance of Villa Amor is the resort's tasty restaurant called O'. We went there everyday and had double shot margaritas, guac and chips. Then we'd take a stroll on the beach into town and indulge in more food. Sayulita is dripping in color and handmade crafts. All the food is tasty and the atmosphere is easy-going. 

Blue Corn Mama Sayulita

One of our favorite meals we had was breakfast at Blue Corn Mama walking distance from Villa Amor. This restaurant is a non-profit with a really cute gift shop attached. Definitely go here for breakfast, you will thank us later. We ordered chili con carne which came a fried egg, guac + brown rice with jamaica to drink. Pictured on the right is blue corn chilaquiles. *drools*

Blue Corn Mama Sayulita

Another unique place we recommend exploring is Palmar Trapiche. It's a beer garden in the jungle. They specialize in artisanal Mexican beers. The menu pairs perfectly with each beer. You can enjoy the hammocks and grassy areas on the property. Leisure at it's finest.  So the fish tacos we mentioned before were at a place called "The Real Fish Taco" with a slogan that sells itself ... "Fish Taco My Ass Get Yourself A Real One!"

Beer Garden Sayulita Palmar Trapiche

For quality beach time we explored Playa Los Muertos. You have to walk through Villa Amor and a small cemetery to get there.  It's a smaller beach and a little less crowded than the beach next to town. 

Playa De Los Muertos Sayulita
Villa Amor Sayulita

If you are not drooling over this paradise already let us share a little pro-tip for staying at Villa Amor. You can have a massage in your own room. Easily booked through the front desk - you will soon have your romantic vacation turned into THE most relaxing situation you could ever dream of. Just take a look for yourself. Waves crashing, a cool breeze the thought of a delicious dinner right after ... what more could you ask for?

Las Lanchas Villa Amor Sayulita

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Villa Amor