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Twelve Times Smoke Bomb Photos Gave Us The Feels



Okay we know, hip and cool wedding trends are something we will look back on and probably laugh at, but honestly, the smoke bomb photo session is one we doubt will be one of those. Why? Well if done right the photos are just so epic and beautiful it feels like something out of a dream; Light, smoke, and the clear romantic chemistry of two people. We are big fans!

So, to inspire you and your upcoming nuptials we have put together some of our very favorite smoke bomb wedding sessions that really lit our fire! We hope they might do the very same for you.

Hearts On Fire!

dramatic black smoke and lighting photodramatic black smoke and lighting photo

Let's start this off with what looks to be a literal BANG! The gorgeous lighting and dramatic dark colored smoke choice really feels like these two love birds might have just combusted! 

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Photos: Kate Merrill Photography

From Dark To Light

dreamy desert wedding with white smoke bomb kiss

To bounce off that dramatic black smoke bomb we have this angelic white smoke that gives this wedding kiss an ethereal feel we cannot get enough of!

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Photo: Clique Photography

Pretty in Pink

princesses deserve pretty pink smoke bombs

Now smoke bombs may seem macho and grungy, but let us assure you; if your bombs are pink they will be just as fem and enchanting as a fairytale! 

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Photo: Samantha Ong Photography

The Dark Horse

all black wedding ideas with purple smoke bomb

Princesses come in all shapes sizes and tones, this beautiful black wedding inspiration has a romantic and dramatic side with some violet smoke.

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Photo: Ashley Medrano Photography

Because Drama Shouldn't Come In Small Doses

hipster couple in the desert with red smoke bombs

You know you are planning a dramatic wedding day, so is it really necessary to add more drama with a smoke bomb session? The answer most certainly is YES!!!

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Photo: KMT Photos

What were we just saying about Drama?

dramatic white smoke bomb photo

... oh yes, drama can be enjoyed by the spoonful, but a well-placed smoke bomb in just the right light can add a steamy and sultry effect to your photos without too much effort! 

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Photo: Wild Heart Films

Looking For Something Blue?

blue smoke bomb photo

Accent your wedding day and the colors you chose with a striking smoke bomb color. We love the way this blue smoke perfectly matches this brides blue dip-dyed veil! 

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Photo: Khristel Studios

Is this all just a dream?

purple smoke bomb first look

A brightly colored smoke bomb behind your wedding first look will definitely give your photos that charming fairytale, Disney movie vibe!

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Photo: Roberta Facchini Photography

Color Coleidoscope 

multi colored smoke bomb photo

One color is amazing, more MUST BE BETTER! Well, that isn't the case for everything, but in the smoke bomb photo session the more colors the marrier!

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Photo: Monique Hessler Weddings

Talk about some chemistry

romantic wedding kiss with orange smoke

This couples romantic chemistry might just have been the flame that this gorgeous orange smoke was coming from, and if we are wrong, we really don't wish to have that dream crushed.

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Photo: Anna Gomes Photo

Feelings, so many feelings

yellow and pink smoke bomb photomulti colored smoke bomb photo

Gotta Love that photo blur! The excellent camera work on this set of smoke bomb photos captures exactly how two people in love are. (Smoke) Bombs could be going off and you'd hardly know! 

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Photos: Jason Mize Photography

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pink boho smoke bomb photo