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Trendy Tablescapes: Dress to Impress Goes More Ways Than One

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I won’t lie, some of my favorite parts of working in this industry include stalking the hmmm out of my favorite wedding and event planners to see what they’ve been dreaming up when it comes to tables. Tablescape was a word I pretty much knew nothing about 10 years ago. Yet, now, when someone says it, I get all tingly because I know what it means; I know that there’s pure magic happening on some tabletop, and it’s all got to do with a beautifully-complex blend of flowers, flatware, flutes, plates, candles and glasses.

Sure, sounds simple, but it’s not. Like at all. It involves layering, fine tuning, masterful maneuvers to make an event’s most meaningful canvas - the tabletop - a total star. And that’s what the team at Theoni Collection does on the daily. They curate incredible combinations of decor items to inspire creativity and elevate the vibe of any event. And of course, what better event than a wedding? But we might be a little bias…

Anyway, we’ve been admirers of Theoni for awhile now (take a peek at their Insta, you’ll see why!) and we thought it might be fun to break down a few of their gorgeous setups, so that you can get an idea of expense when you’re considering tablescaping. It certainly isn’t cheap, but when did we say that weddings were cheap?!

No, really, these guys gave us a great rundown on their rentals, and what a singular place setting should run you on the reg. Of course, costs can fluctuate and are subject to change, based on what pieces are available, etc., but overall, this should give you a frame of reference.

Dress to impress definitely started with fashion, but we’re so happy it’s come to qualify other things too… And your wedding tables are certainly something that can and should be dressed to impress. Because details matter. To your guests, to you, and to your memories of that milestone day.

I happen to loveeeee the silver and platinum palette (with the overgrown pops of purple, fuchsia and green), but it also might have something to do with the name of the plateware … probably the first and only time I’ll ever see “Royal” and “Danielle” together 😉). Meghan Markle, here’s my sparkle!!

All photos below courtesy of Aaron Delesie and florals by Mindy Rice Design

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Total Cost: $45.95


Total Cost: $45.20


Total Cost: $65.70


Total Cost: $55.00


Total Cost: $60.50

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