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Transitional Honeymoon Wardrobe


Coco Chanel said, "One shouldn't spend all one's time dressing. All one needs are two or three suits, as long as they and everything to go with them are perfect."
In other words; mix and match, be versatile, spend more time enjoying your day and less time dressing for it.
While these words of wisdom may seem antiquated and somewhat challenging to follow since the invention of walk-in closets, you can still benefit from applying the mentality of this fashion icon to your travel wardrobe!


Pack pieces that can be styled multiple ways throughout the day and night.
This "Ocean Stripe" sarong from our Resort Wear Collection can be tied at the waist while lounging by the pool during the morning, then easily transforms into a dress for an indoor lunch by tying at the chest or over one shoulder.


Similarly, our colorful "Smoke" skirt is a comfortable choice for airplane travel to your destination, then can transition into an elegant strapless dress for a first night dinner with your new husband when pulled above the chest and cinched at the waist with a fun belt as shown below.


There are many benefits to a transitional wardrobe, especially for Honeymoon travel.
It makes packing easier; you can even pack less apparel pieces which frees up space in your suitcase for bulkier items like shoes and souvenirs from your trip. It gives you an opportunity to have fun with fashion and express your personal style by experimenting with different looks.
And most importantly, you spend less time shuffling back and forth to your room for outfit changes and more time living it up on your first trip with your new husband. This is your Honeymoon, make the most of every moment!



Model: Janine Marie Coba Photo: Paulo César