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Top Ten Healthy Food Instagram Accounts to Follow


Healthy Instagrammers

From personal trainers to registered dietitians and health enthusiasts Instagram has a lot of healthy food inspiration to offer. This is one of our favorite types of Instagram accounts to follow because it constantly gives amazing ideas on how to eat healthy with out eating food that is dull or boring! Not to mention the photos that will pop up in your news feed will be deliciously delightful to look at! Here are some of our ABSOLUTE favorite health foodies to follow on Instagram.

Post booty burn workout is my banana honey pecan proats so perfect for this weather {recipe back in feed)}


Why We ? Melissa. One look at this picture and it says it all. She makes the best looking oats. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast grains that you can eat to kickstart your day and this healthy foodie has tons of recipes to keep your oats from getting boring! Her Instagram account is full of healthy food from breakfast to lunch and dinner. She isn't a dietitian but she is a health enthusiast. Easting clean and healthy day in and day out minus a few cheat meals here and there.

Happy National Cook A Sweet Potato Day! I don't normally eat sweet potatoes for breakfast but now I'm wondering why I don't. So delicious and nutritious!!!! Today's breakfast was a purple sweet potato topped with @micheles_granola pumpkin spice granola and almond butter!!! I also had a side of pasture-raised eggs because I feel like the added protein helps keep me full until lunch. I hope you all have a great start to the week!!!#nationalcookasweetpotatoday #healthy #fit #fitfood #fitfam #healthyfood #healthychoices #nutrition #health #wellness #dietitian #nourish #balance #breakfast #purplesweetpotato #healthylifestyle #fitfoodie #glutenfree #realfood #instagood #instafood #livefit


Why We ? Michelle. Look at how good this sweet potato looks! And she had it for breakfast. Her page has tons of healthy food ideas and different meals that you can make. She is a RDN, LD so she is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is also a Licensed Dietitian. The best part about Michelle is that she is the Dietitian for NASA (How cool?!) so its safe to say she knows her nutrition. Another reason why we love her is because she throws her personality in with her meals. No one is perfect and she shares that in her post which makes her account easier to relate to and more fun to follow.

So this just happened... !!! Peel/chop one sweet potato (sprinkle with salt, pepper, and melted ghee or coconut oil) and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 425F. Cut Brussels sprouts into very thin slices. Toast pecan pieces in a skillet for a few minutes (or until fragrant) on medium heat. When sweet potatoes pieces are done baking, toss with sliced Brussels sprouts, toasted pecans, feta cheese, pomegranate seeds, and salad dressing of choice (I made a dressing out of olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt, and pepper). #soooogood


Why We ?  Sabrina. Talk about the best looking salad ever!! This salad is perfect for being delicious and keeping you full because it has healthy carbs not just veggies!  This healthy foodie doesn't just have salads on her page but when she does they are so unique and always look delicious and filling. She is different from the other foodies on our list because she is a personal trainer! She has a lot of clients and obviously knows what types of food to eat to stay lean and healthy! Most of her food is clean and home made but she also shows other alternatives such as what snack bars are clean as well as what she gets when she orders out to stay healthy!

spicy sweet tater & turkey chili totally experimented with this recipe but I'll work on perfecting it for ya! . PS notice the name change? new website coming your way soon. thanks for all your suggestions!! ❤️


Why We ?  Samantha. She is studying to become a nutritionist! She differs from the other foodies on our list because she throws in healthy ways to eat pastas which a lot of other foodies don't do! This is a great way to fill that pasta craving with out eating too much of it. This Instagram we have chosen is our favorite because not only does it look DELICOUS but it is also spicy sweet tater & turkey chili. This is another way she differs from other foodies in that she has recipes for spicier meals. YUM.

kale ya I love baby kale and eggs, and salmon, and zucchini, and sweetpotato, and.. hahha what don't I like?! oh ya, processed foods love your body and stick to clean, minimal ingredients and of course, doughnuts #shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats


Why We ? Jeannette.  Look at how good this salmon salad with sweet potato and over easy egg looks!! She is a yoga instructor and a health enthusiast so not only will you see a ton of healthy food inspiration but also some cute yoga clothes thrown in here and there (YAS).  We Love Jeannette's Instagram because she shows what she eats and when. She also shows what's in her pantry so if you are struggling on a grocery list that is healthy she has you covered!

I love Sunday mornings ? fuel for some back and shoulders at the gym // Veggie & sweet potato hash with 2 soft fried eggs + 1/2 grapefruit with sprinkled cinnamon Veggie hash • sauté baby bell peppers + red onion + garlic powder + diced sweet potato + @kouzinifoods premium Greek olive oil {code 'Rachael10' for 10% off} for about 5-7 minutes. Add in a big handful spinach to wilt. Push veggies to one side of the pan, spray empty side with coconut oil & crack two organic eggs. Cover pan with lid & let steam on medium until desired #yolkporn consistency. Top with red pepper flakes, ground pepper & feta cheese ??✨


Why We ? Rachael.  She has a widely diverse Instagram page. This is because all of her healthy food inspiration is so different and she is a dietetic intern so she knows her food. Because of this she has a ton of inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! This is a one stop healthy inspirational page because she has something for whatever time of day you need food inspiration for! She also has a mix of packed foods for on the go and homemade meals as well. She's the best. Just look at this breakfast!! Delicious. 

#superbowl Sunday ????? ft this organic grass fed #cheeseburger on @foodforlifebaking english muffin with homemade #guacamole, tomatoes, @sirkensingtons spicy mustard, and @hopefoods cilantro jalapeño hummus (??) if you aren't adding this hummus to your guac you need to start ? go panthers!!! #panthers #dabonem #superbowl50


Why We ? Emily. Anyone else drooling over the deliciousness that is this burger! She is a Certified Physician Assistant who is a health nut and good at what she loves! Her whole entire Instagram account is FULL of delicious food that is healthy and mouth watering! We love that she also incorporates cheat meals into her Instagram account however it is always the healthier version of whatever chocolatey cheat meal you might be craving!

Post stair master and yoga sprouted grain sandwich! Sweet and hot mustard + mashed avocado + mashed chickpeas + Tuscan kale + roasted artichoke hearts + red onion on toasted 7 grain sprouted bread ? #vegan #plantpower #constancelyeating #rd2be


Why We ? Constance. Never before would we have thought that all of these ingredients would make the best sandwich in the world! But OMG look at how good this looks! This lovely lady is on her way to becoming a Registered Dietitian and has a BS in Health Science. She, like many other of our favorite health foodies, knows what is good for your body. She has fitness motivation as she shares what to eat before and after her workouts as well as delicious snacks and day to day meals. All of which look amazing.

#FRIYAY and feeling great with this #ooiaj combo! I've been counting down the days eagerly till this @wild_friends Protein PB jar is EMPTY (or almost empty)! Hope everyone enjoys the day, I'm heading out to Tahoe for some ⛄️??❄️ in a few hours! || overnight oats in vanilla almond milk + banana + dollop of Greek yogurt + topped with ? + ?+ @purely_elizabeth blueberry hemp granola || #wildfriends #overnightoats


Why We ? Charlotte. She shares her love for food. Just look at this Instagram. You know the food that she posts will be absolutely amazing because she has a love for healthy food that tastes delicious. Her Instagram, as you can tell by her IG tag, is all about eating clean. Whether that is eating at home or eating out. Eating wholesome foods is one of the healthiest ways to eat so having a whole page dedicated to that lifestyle makes it easy to find inspiration and recipes for a healthy diet. This is the main reason why we love Charlotte. She has a lot of healthy food inspiration on top of being so personable. Also, we are dying to try this snack because umm YUM.

Baby it's {finally} cold outside, but I'm making smoothie bowls any way. ? // {smoothie base made with: frozen blueberries, unsweetened almond milk, avocado, coconut butter + @alohamoment vanilla protein powder, mint}


Why We ? Jess. Need healthy vegetarian inspiration this is your girl! How delicious does this smoothie bowl look?!  She has been a vegetarian her whole life so needless to say she has a lot of vegetarian recipes. Her Instagram is a mixture of mostly healthy food but also lifestyle posts so she is interesting to follow. She also incorporates a lot of different types of food so following her recipes won't get boring!

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