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2017 Wedding Dress Trends

We have a special treat today! Leanne Marshall is sharing her top wedding gown trends for fall 2017. You might remember Leanne from Project Runway. Well, this girl really made it work. I'm certain that Tim Gun is very proud! Not only will you see a snippet of Leanne's new collection, you'll also get a little bit more of her and what she's personally loving. You can also check out some real past brides in Leanne's gowns here, here and here.

Magical Flowy Chiffon

White chiffon wedding gown.

Imagine floating down the aisle in one of these breezy gowns. A light and flowy chiffon dresses is absolute perfection for outdoor wedding to create magical moments in person as well as in photos with every gust of wind.

Beaded flowy blue wedding gown.Chiffon blue wedding dress.

Guipure Lace

Guipure lace wedding dress trends for 2017.

This is definitely not your grandma's lace detailing. First, here's a little lesson on Guipure Lace. Guipure is a French word which means tape, but it's used to describe lace which has a thicker thread to outline the pattern. Guipure Lace details give a more geometric and laser cut clean feel. This dress is for the girl who's a classic beauty and wants to do something different.

Guipure Lace wedding gown by Leanne Marshall.

Beaded and Illusion Details

Long sleeve beaded blue wedding gown.

Beaded gowns have always been a sign of luxury. Beading became all the rage for the entire decade of the 1930s and only the wealthiest could afford them as they were handmade in Paris. The beaded pearl-like details give a royalty meets sexy feel; for modern luxury at its finest.

Beaded wedding gown by Leanne Marshall.beaded-wedding-dress

Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder Guipure lace wedding dress.

The off the shoulder trend is an oldie, but goodie. It really never goes out of style. We love off the shoulder for a boho or destination wedding especially, but it can really lend itself well to any venue or theme. It's a little innocent and a little sexy and looks amazing with a messy updo or long loose curls.

On trend off the shoulder wedding dress.Off the shoulder chiffon wedding dress.

V Back

V back lace and flowy wedding gown by Leanne Marshall

We are all too familiar with the classic V-neck, but have you met the V back? V back is a sexy little vixen that will leave him hating to see you leave, but damn you'll look good when you're walking away. 

V back wedding dress by Leanne Marshall

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