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Top 5 Things You Can Do To Ensure The Best Wedding Film Experience


Ten Twenty Seven Films

Here at Ten Twenty Seven Films, we’ve had the honor to capture so many incredible moments alongside our couples and provide beautiful mementos to cherish for a lifetime. Your wedding will have countless beautiful, authentic moments that whirl by in the blink of an eye, and videography provides a wonderfully unique way to relive these once-in-a-lifetime emotions in real-time. With just a handful of extra considerations beforehand, you and your videographers will be set up for success in your mutual goal for a top-notch film. 

It’s our mission to deliver films with unparalleled sentimental value, which is why we’ve put together these 5 easy tips to elevate this next chapter of your love story!

Meet With Your Videographers Beforehand

We know life gets hectic and it can be tough scheduling meet-ups with every vendor on your list, but if you can afford the time, it will be well worth it. We at Ten Twenty Seven FIlms love meeting up over a coffee and hearing more about your love story! The little gems from your life help to create a video that truly reflects you and personalities. Consider what heirlooms or special members of the family you definitely want to see showcased in your video so the video team can always be on the lookout for even more key moments.

Even if it’s just a Zoom video chat, getting to “meet” your videographers is invaluable to building trust, especially since most of us are not used to having cameras pointed at us all day. Seeing the team face-to-face will help you to relax on the day of your wedding and focus on the important things.

Include Your Videographers In Your Schedule Conversations

After booking the videographers of your choice, don’t forget about them when you’re making your schedule! It's important to note that video equipment can often take a little extra time to set up and break down, so make sure you’re giving your vendors enough time to move from each location. But what we really want to focus on with this tip is the importance of having some one-on-one time with your videographers. Even if you just schedule 15 minutes of alone time, it gives us freedom to really capture artistic shots and amazing, personal moments that would be harder to film otherwise due to the usual hustle and bustle of a wedding celebration. These extra considerations will do wonders to elevate your wedding video to the next level! Pro tip, scheduling your session around sunset is a great way to set up jaw-dropping moments!

Be Flexible In The Moment

So your wedding day has arrived, and you’ve planned for months bringing all of the incredible elements together! Oftentimes, your preparations will be in a hotel or small room of sorts, and these spaces have lots of artificial lighting. Your videographers and photographer might request that these lights be turned off—and there’s a great reason why! Beautiful, natural daylight from windows will be better and more flattering than most artificial lighting, so staying flexible and open to adjustments will go a long way to ensure beautiful images in your video. This idea applies not only to turning lights off, but also to turning them on. Much as photographers use external flashes, video will often bring a light to help make dark reception spaces pop with life and energy! At Ten Twenty Seven Films we like to use lights that are unobtrusive and don’t ruin the mood and atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create, while still allowing our cameras to capture high quality details.

Consider Accommodating Audio

This piggybacks off our previous tip on being flexible. While lighting plays a huge part in your film, audio is equally or even more important for re-experiencing the magic of your day! We at Ten Twenty Seven Films make sure we’re always rolling audio with professional camera-mounted equipment, but it’s up to you whether you’re comfortable wearing a wireless microphone at different events throughout your day. Venue and DJ microphones are one great way to capture emotional speeches, but these are not always available for every moment of your wedding. Having a backup audio option guarantees that we’ll have clean, crispy audio for your video.

Also, if there are any intimate moments in your wedding (such as private vow readings) you know you want recorded, consider allowing your videographers to quickly mic you up so the once-in-a-lifetime emotion is guaranteed to be preserved!

Do Your Research

There are countless wedding videographers out in the world with different styles and approaches. Do your research! Make sure their art speaks to you on an emotional level. While watching their videos, do you feel like you almost know the couple? Did you connect with how the music and audio was edited together? If so, then that’s a great sign you’re on your way to a good fit. One of our favorite things to hear from a potential client after watching our films is how they felt a rush of emotion—even while watching total strangers!

Lastly, while some videos packages may look similar, be sure to check for important essentials. Something as simple as a package including 2 videographers is often a priceless element to ensure maximum coverage for your wedding film.

In the end, you should be able to sit back and enjoy your big day, and let your team of vendors do what they do best. We like to work alongside you, your planner, photographer, and DJ to ensure the day goes smoothly. The more planning you implement right now, before the big day arrives, the more you’ll thank yourself later! We wish you all the best of luck in your search for cinematic solutions and many blessings in your marriage!

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Ten Twenty Seven Films

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