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Top 10 Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram


top 10 beauty beauty instagrammers

Real Talk: We love Instagram. Especially our in house Insta-Specialist Megan. You may have talked to her when you submitted to be on our Instagram account. Wondering how you can do that? Click here.
Anyways ... she is obviously uber obsessed with IG. She even got teary eyed when her favorite, "fit couple," broke up. So, to say the least she's definitely knee deep in insta-land. Showing us who to follow, who has the best contests, and who gives the best advice. So, stay tuned she is going to keep all of us up to date on who to watch out for in the crazy crazy world of IG. Starting out our series we have - Top 10 Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram. Enjoy.

Did a "beauty challenge" with my mom @theshannonjohnson NEWVIDEO- link in my bio! It was all her idea! Huge hugs and eyelashes from me and mom to you!❤️

kandee johnson

Why we ? Kandee Johnson  Not only is she extremely GORGEOUS but her personality is amazing. She keeps her Instagram very personal which is awesome because you get to see her day to day makeup of looks that she loves to wear.  Her YouTube tutorials are so fun to watch and she has been a makeup artist for years! She has natural make up looks as well as a ton of transformation tutorials where she shows you how she uses makeup to transform her face to look like other people. Even Ashton Kutcher has shared one of her videos to his Facebook about how talented she is in her Cartoon Half Man Half Woman transformation tutorial. As well, she has a great skin care routine so make sure to check that out if you look up her YouTube channel.  

Today #CarliBybelPalette on the eyes! Outfit details: @thefashionbybel

carli bybel

Why we ? Carli Bybel Her Instagram is full of beautiful makeup looks as well as lots of sass. She has tons of tips and tricks as well as FLAWLESS makeup skills which makes her another favorite of ours to follow. She has countless tutorials on YouTube that have inspirational quotes with each and every makeup look she creates. She has also worked with makeup companies such as Velour Lashes and BH Cosmetics. With Velour Lashes she has created The Carli Lash and with BH Cosmetics she has put together a highly recommended eyeshadow palette called the Carli Bybel Palette.

Hiiiii! New video just went up on my channel! Direct Link to it is in my bio! ??❤️

casey holmes

Why we ? Casey Holmes She is known for her makeup talent and her adorable southern girl personality. Her Instagram is full of gorgeous makeup looks and her more wearable looks that she wears day to day. She is a YouTuber with lots of beauty tutorials as well as favorite makeup videos and lifestyle vlogs. She uses a different technique than the makeup gurus previously mentioned where she does her eyes first and uses tape to create a clean and flawless makeup look followed by removing the tape and creating a flawless face. As well she also has oily skin so if you need tips and tricks for how to deal with oily skin and what makeup to use she is your perfect fit!

Took 2 inches off and went an antique rose color ?? LOVIN IT!


Why we ? Weylie She is so beautiful and has the prettiest Instagram photos of any beauty guru on IG hands down. She is a beauty vlogger on YouTube so along with her beauty tutorials she also vlogs about her life and the beauty things that happen in it. She does lots of Q & A videos where you can tweet her and ask her any beauty or lifestyle questions which is so helpful. As well she also has an amazing video on how she takes and edits her photos to make an awesome Instagram profile. She is the best and you will fall in love with here outgoing personality!

NEW video is up on my channel! ✨? It's a @Sephora haul, BUT a bit different because I did a full tutorial using the products I picked up (new foundation, eye palette, blush, lashes, lipstick, etc) so you could see them all in action. // You can also get a list of all the products I picked up and used for this look here ?? #liketkit #tartelettetease #urbandecaygwenstefani ❤️


Why we ? MakeupByTiffanyD She has the sweetest personality and tells it like it is. Whether she loves a product or hates it she gives very honest reviews which makes it so easy to know whether or not you will like the products that she uses and talks about in her videos enough to go out and buy them for yourself. She has tons of tips and tricks and tries new makeup all the time so there is constantly new makeup inspiration on her Instagram. As well to make it easier she also uses to put lists of products for her makeup posts so that you can click on the link and see exactly what she got and go purchase the same exact makeup product for yourself. She also has lots of tutorials on her YouTube so for more makeup inspiration check out her channel!

My lipgloss is poppin' ? Hanging out with @refinery29 today! ALSO, Patrick and I are filming today, what video should we do?! // ?-@moderngypsymedia

tess christine

Why we? Tess Christine She is a gorgeous beauty blogger who lives in NYC. She has adorable style and an Instagram that highlights makeup looks she is loving along with her favorite clothing styles. She also has a YouTube channel that is mainly a beauty channel but throws in some lookbooks of her favorite fashion trends. She has a lot of natural makeup looks on her Instagram as well as looks for special events that she goes to which makes this a great beauty IG to follow for makeup inspiration that is wearable for day to day looks and fun for special occasions as well.

Can't believe there's only 6 days until Christmas ?? ps there's a new video and blog post going up todayyyy ❄️?

Kalyn Nicholson

Why we? Kalyn Nicholson She has the cutest personality and the cutest Instagram. Seriously check out her IG it's GORG. Her Instagram has a wide variety of makeup inspiration because her personal style switches back and forth between classic glam, and boho chic. She also has a beauty channel on YouTube where she posts weekly tutorials for everyday looks as well as makeup and style hauls. She incorporates health into her IG as well as her YouTube tutorials and uses a lot of vegan makeup products that have no animal testing.

Slicked-back low bun & simple makeup ☺️??

Lauren Curtis

Why we ? Lauren Curtis She is another Australian beauty guru and has lots of beauty tutorials. She posts pictures to her Instagram of makeup favorites as well as day to day makeup looks that she creates. Her YouTube channel is full of makeup tips and tricks as well as positive vibes in every video. She is gorgeous and fun to watch as well as gives daily makeup inspiration on her Instagram. This is why we love her!

Just uploaded a new tutorial on my channel! (clickable link on my profile) Hope you guys are having a killer Sunday ?

Liz Meghan

Why we ? Liz Meghan This beauty blogger is always trying new makeup looks. She has her wearable daytime looks but also plays a lot with colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks. This makes her Instagram fun and different from other beauty bloggers. She has a lot of makeup inspiration all over he Instagram as well as the cutest nails ever. She has a YouTube channel that shows a lot of the looks that she posts on Instagram which makes it easy to recreate her makeup looks that you see on IG. Her personality is cute and adorable and will make you fall in love with all of her tutorials. She is amazing.

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