Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style


Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style

One of the best experiences during your engagement season is your couples session with your photographer! This is probably something you’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, and rightfully so! You may have already imagined what you’d wear many times over, but when the actual time comes to photograph your session, you freeze. Choosing outfits for your photos can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are my tips to consider when choosing clothing for your session.

Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style


Couples usually have 2 or 3 outfit choices. More often than not, it takes time to warm up in front of the camera to feel comfortable. Once you get into a flow, you don’t want to interrupt that to change clothes over and over again. Two outfits are great to maximize your time with each other in front of the camera. If you want to spice it up, you can add a third “just for fun” outfit. We’ll talk more about that later. 

Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style

I’d recommend choosing a “chill everyday” vibe for outfit #1. This could include a pair of vans and a fitted hoodie/graphic tee with a jean jacket . Think street style or whatever is normal for you! Often times there is a fear of a casual outfit for your session. It’s a special session of course, and we’re documenting a special season of your life. How could jeans and a t-shirt compliment that? I’m here to tell you, this doesn’t have to feel “sloppy”. Most likely you’re regularly wearing an outfit like this with your significant other. It’s important to remember you for how you are in everyday life. 

Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style

Another thing to consider is the background you are shooting in. A simple, casual outfit can compliment and calm down busy city surroundings. It brings the focus on you and compliments your environment. Having a professional photo taken in jeans is also very different than a camera phone snapshot. Jeans add a lot of texture to a professional photo that you wouldn’t see in a phone photo. A professional image will also add a lot of depth, which makes everything more interesting. Plus, athleisure/casual looks are really trending right now. Who can argue with comfy + cute vibes?!

Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style


For outfit #2, think about clothing you feel confident in, and find ways to spice up that look! This could be adding a floral crown from a florist, wide brim hat, leather embroidered jacket, sunglasses, etc. You might really want to wear a maxi dress to embrace the romance in your photos. That’s great! It doesn’t always have to be a dress. I had one couple who loves France, so we added a Parisian dressy casual vibe to their look. Also, for the dudes - just because the girl is wearing a maxi dress doesn’t mean the guy needs to match that level of dressiness. Feel free to pair the guy in a tee and/or casual jacket. It’ll eliminate any “stuffy” dressy vibes and help match the heartfelt mood of your photos. 

Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style


You may solely choose to have two outfits, and that’s so great. However, if you’re more of a daring person or someone who is drawn to bold trends, a third “bonus” look might be just for you. This can be an opportunity to wear that wild jumpsuit or jacket you’ve been eyeing but think might be too “out there” for photos. Keep in mind, there is no pressure with this outfit! It’s just for fun! 

Tips on What to Wear to Elevate your Engagement Session Style


As your photographer, I will choose locations to match your outfit vibe. It’s about creating overall cohesion, and location is a huge part of that! People don’t generally wear a suit and tie to the beach, so we might choose a city skyline for that outfit instead. If the city isn’t your vibe, avoid wearing a suit and tie. If you’re shooting in a grassy field, choose earth toned colors that blend with the surroundings and keep the focus on you. If you have a location in mind that is meaningful to you, plan your outfits around it and embrace complimenting the space. 



Don’t wear something that’s not you. Why would you wear a formal dress to an engagement session when you NEVER wear a formal dress or suit and tie? Be yourself and make sure you’re comfortable and can MOVE in your outfits - because you’ll be moving A LOT! Chances are you will also get dirty! Think about where we will be shooting. If it’s at the beach, I’ll most likely ask you to walk along the water (or hop right in). It’s totally okay to go without shoes too! If it’s in a grassy field, heels aren’t the best choice since you will sink into the ground, and you won’t see your shoes anyway with tall grass. If we are walking a lot, be sure to bring some comfy shoes for in-between locations to keep your feet from hurting. 



You’ve chosen your photographer and essentially have placed your trust in their skills to photograph your relationship best. Utilize their knowledge! I start the outfit/location conversation with my couples a few weeks before their shoot date. Together we can figure out ways to elevate their shoot and make it completely unique to them. My clients are regularly texting me photos of outfit options, which allows us to bounce ideas off each other. It truly is a collaborative effort and completely worth it after you see the magic your session will be. I truly love being an asset to my couples (seriously I would be creative director if I wasn’t a photographer haha), and I LOVE helping make your session a true testament to who you are as a couple. Well there you have it! My tips to help elevate your photo shoot. Now you can walk into your engagement session in full confidence!

Trin Jensen Photography is a worldwide traveling photographer based in Nebraska who specializes in photographing couples in an honest and relational way. The basis of every image is where creativity + heart collide, with an emphasis in bohemian earthy vibes.

Trin Jensen

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