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Tips On Planning A Bachelorette Party


Wedding season is just around the corner - and while millions of brides-to-be are busy planning their big day, bridesmaids and maids of honor are feeling the pressure to arrange the perfect party weekend to celebrate the bride’s final single days. Anyone that’s ever been tasked with organizing a bachelorette celebration will tell you...the planning process can be stressful! Arranging a party for a group of ladies (let alone a destination weekend!) can be daunting.

Luckily, with new innovations in technology has come the perfect accessory for simplifying every stage of the bachelorette party: messaging apps. Billions of mobile phone users are jumping on the bandwagon, with more than 2.5 billion people around the world using messaging apps to communicate as of 2017 - a figure that is expected to increase to 3.6 billion this year!

From the planning to the partying to the post-party debrief, messaging apps are the perfect tool to help all BFFs of the bride say goodbye to lengthy email chains and transform into master party planners. Here are a few ways messaging apps are changing the game when it comes to bachelorette party planning:

Creating a central meeting place

Getting the whole group together in one place to trade ideas and plan activities is one of the biggest challenges when organizing an event -- everyone wants to voice their concerns and suggestions, which can often get lost in the aforementioned lengthy email chain. Group chat features offer the opportunity for all members to contribute equally and help the ringleader wrangle the crew and manage RSVPs in one safe space. The group chat also serves as an open forum to update and keep track of the weekend itinerary - everything from flight information to hotel accommodations can be accessed in a centralized, secure hub.

Cherish the memories

Instead of fielding those one-off picture requests or sharing moments publicly on social media, members can share their photos and videos (including those that maybe shouldn’t be shown publicly!) within the confines of the chat. The capability to collectively enjoy shared moments in the form of images and videos helps foster deeper bonds over the course of the trip. What’s more, the chat space serves as a great opportunity to reconnect and reflect on those amazing memories afterwards.

Shop and share with ease

With integrated shopping features, users can easily share and purchase gifts and accessories for the weekend within the app. For example, Viber features an integrated shopping keyboard with access to a range of retail brands - especially handy when deciding on the perfect dress or custom t-shirt for the weekend!

Get local insight

Exploring a foreign city? When attempting to find the best shops, restaurants and bars, it’s tough to know where to begin. Tapping into public groups, it’s easy to identify the top places to visit from local experts themselves. More importantly, inside information can also help prevent a travel crisis, identifying any potentially bland locations or venues to avoid. Messaging apps can also offer extensions to sites like Yelp or TicketMaster to easily book local events as soon as they are discovered.

So as you gear up to wrangle the crew for an unforgettable bachelorette weekend, let your messaging app take the wheel and help alleviate some of the stressful elements of the party planning process. And please, don’t let all of the logistics overshadow the reason why you’re there in the first place! Bachelorette weekends are a time to get together and celebrate a monumental moment in your friend’s life -- enjoy every moment and let your tech handle the rest.

Viber, the leading global messaging app, is helping more than 1 billion users connect and plan seamlessly -- whether you’re arranging your bachelorette party or simply connecting with loved ones, Viber makes it easy, collaborative and, above all, cost-free.

Debbi Dougherty is the Head of B2B Marketing at for Rakuten Viber, a global messaging app with over 1 billion active users. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Debbi has held key marketing positions in ad tech and publishing and holds a leadership role at Women in Wireless, an organization devoted to supporting women in mobile.