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Tips for the Perfect Sparkler Exit


Sparkler Exit Tips @weddingchicks

Sparkler exits are huge right now! It's no wonder because they always look like so much fun, and give you one last chance to steal the show just as you hop into your getaway car and head off to your long awaited honeymoon!
What makes a good sparkler exit? We have all kinds of tips for you, from how to make the perfect sparkler table, to how to get just the right timing! So keep scrolling to learn more!

free downloadables parkler tags @weddingchicks

Sparkler tag @weddingchicks

Wedding Chicks free printable tag @weddingchicks

How to create the perfect Sparkler Table!
Sparklers, cute and free downloadable sparkler tags, Matches, Sparkler exit sign, Galvanized buckets, Sand, stylish and free downloadable Sparkler return sign and Frame.
Having a designated sparkler table will draw attention to the fact that you have plans for a sparkler exit. Your guests will take note of the time on your sparkler sign and be prepared to give you the best send off ever!
Sparklers are rather plain on their own so to spruce them up a bit you can add a cute tag like this free downloadable Sparks Fly tag. This fun tags will catch your guests' eye and ensure that they pick some up for later.
Don't forget to include plenty of matches and an extinguishing station! This can be done with a simple galvanized bucket filled with sand and our super stylish super cute and super free downloadable Sparkler Return sign!

DiY sparkler table @weddingchicks


photo credit: Amy Bennett

Sparkler Return sign @weddingchicks

You know you want a fabulous sparkler exit with beautiful photos to capture your weddings big finale, but how do you go about organizing it? How do you get the timing right? How do you ensure you still have guests to send you off in a sparkling haze of glory?
Don't worry, we've got you covered, just click here for some fantastic tips for the perfect sparkler exit!

sparkler exit slideshow @weddingchicks

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