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Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding From Coke


coke gift basket ideas @weddingchicks

Our Moms taught us never  to show up empty handed and to always welcome your guests with a treat. In honor of this holiday season and listening to our Mother's solid advice we created this ultra special, super cute holiday gift basket with our friends from Coke.  An ideal gift for the hostess with the mostess or a lovely gesture to welcome your out of town wedding guests. Easily create this holiday basket/welcome wedding gift last minute. Photographed by Radion Photography

holiday inspired Coke bottles @weddingchicks

coke gift basket ideas @weddingchicks

welcome wedding / holiday gift basket

Basket & Napkin We used a wire basket and placed a silver napkin in the bottom. We like to use cloth napkins or kitchen towels as liners. You can purchase them in packs of 5, making it easier to create multiple baskets.

Kitchen Towel & Ornament Although we used a holiday festive towel and a merry ornament, you could go with any kitchen towel. You could also buy ornaments in bulk and write your wedding date or a festive word on it like jolly, love or merry with a sharpie pen. Easy and cute!

Silver Faceted GlassesGlasses are always great to put in your welcome wedding baskets. Especially if you provide a beverage. Hotels always provide glasses, but you never know if your guests have already used them for something else. Guests will thoroughly enjoy sipping their Coke in style with these unique silver faceted glasses.

Candy Coal & Peppermint CandiesWe love these cheeky and fun vintage nostalgic holiday treats- Candy Coal and Peppermint Candies  Of course any candy you want to throw in there will be a hit.

Alma Chocolate Alma Chocolate uses fresh ingredients to make their chocolate. A definite splurge for you holiday baskets, but your friends and family will greatly appreciate these hand crafted treats.

Chocolate Espresso Beans An easy way to save a few dollars on your welcome wedding/holiday baskets is to buy in bulk and wrap individually. This allows you to splurge on other items. We are huge coffee lovers, so these chocolate covered espresso beans seemed like a natural fit.

Travel CandleCandles always set the mood! Put your guests into the holiday spirit with a travel candle like this one from Voluspa.

Vintage Holiday Coke Bottle Coca Cola holiday bottles can be bought right this second at your nearest market. With fun holiday names like  "Santa," "Someone Nice," "Someone Naughty," "Under the Mistletoe," "Elves," "Secret Santa" and (femvertising!) So many fun bottles to chose from. You can get even fancier by customizing your welcome wedding/holiday baskets with personalized Coke bottles. We know we would feel extra giddy if we received our very own personalized Coke bottle.

easy holiday ideas @weddingchicks

share a coke this winter @weddingchicks

tips on creating a gift basket

1. Stick To A Color Palette We created this basket with a traditional holiday silver and red theme, but you could easily go with any color palette. Sticking with products that are in the same color family will give your basket that put together look. This basket above could be recreated in a pink and red theme, if you were looking to go a little less holiday go with red and purple items for a more regal look.

2. Stick To A Budget When creating a gift basket it is wise to stick to a budget, and stay with it.

3. Don't Make It Too Personal Traditionally gift basket are suppose to be personal, however creating baskets in bulk will need a different approach. Select items that you know everyone loves and will use. Like Coke and  Chocolate.

coke gift basket ideas @weddingchicks

Now you know how to create a classic holiday/welcome basket with Coke, but you can celebrate your loved ones with personalized Coke Bottles all the time even including your wedding.
Coke has a section for wedding party fun with pre-made bottles for "Bride," "Groom," and the wedding party. Check it out here or make your wedding party feel extra loved by putting their name on a bottle here. See how to create a super cute bridesmaid box from Coke here. Bonus! Includes a FREE will you be my bridesmaid printable.
Happy Holidays and be sure not to miss Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding From Coke.

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