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Timeless Accessories From becomb

Timeless Accessories From becomb

Jewelry with a mission

becomb is a creative lifestyle brand that takes a fresh approach to accessories by incorporating a story full of symbolism.

becomb channels and celebrates the idea and process of becoming. Just like your friend growing up whose name was spelled differently, we are proud to stand out and find our own way. We find comfort in not knowing our destination, but being certain that we are on a mission. Whether one is preparing to be a student, a parent, a teacher, etc., we are all on our way to becoming something. Our main objective along the way is to create traditional products with a very unconventional twist, with a thoughtful design, meaningful insight, and storied approach. As someone wise once said…in reality, none of us know what we’re doing until after it is done.

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Time flies when you're having love. #infinitypiece ? @emilioyr

A Watch That Doesn’t Tell Time? Read Why

From the founder: Growing up, the only “jewelry" I ever felt comfortable wearing was a watch. It was the one item that I put on to feel dressed up as opposed to utilizing it for function because I always got impatient with how long it took me to register what the actual time was. When it occurred to me one day to create my own version of a watch, I knew I would prefer the piece aesthetically if it had no parts or markings. I took into consideration how much money our world spends on jewelry that for the majority has no significant meaning. I combined my love for minimalism with my love for symbolism and the Infinity Piece was created to serve as a reminder that when you’re dedicated to what you love, time becomes irrelevant.