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Three Things Brides With Ink Must Look For When Choosing Her Dress


Roberta Frey of Roberta Frey Designs shares her thoughts on bridal fashion, lucky us! Take it away Roberta ...

The bridal market has notoriously been flooded with mundane satin and beading - the typical princess silhouettes. Project Runway producers even told me that Bridal wasn't considered "fashion".

Not fashion?

It is the most fashionable day of your life.

And if you are a woman with ink, you want a dress that frames your piece not lops it in half. So how can a bride find the right dress for her ink? Let me share with you three designer “must look for” tips when it comes to your perfect dress. And two “for the love of all things holy don’t do” tips.

Let’s start off with the latter.

Most bridal shops don’t know what to make of a bride who wants to show off their ink. So they make suggestions that are simply ugly and out of style. So please, for the love all things holy.

Stay AWAY from the mesh panels! Stay AWAY from the cut outs!

These are not fashion savvy ways to highlight your ink.

Instead consider.


Consider an accent color or not going with pure white for the dress. We want the color of your gown to make the colors of your ink pop.


When choosing the right gown the neckline/backline/armlines are crucial to look at with regards to your ink. Look at your ink and the gown with regards to sitting, standing, and leaning. You don’t want the dress to move and cut your ink in a very non-flattering way.


Beads, sparkle, glitter, and all things that look like a unicorn threw up on your dress needs to be kept to a minimum. And excess of these details makes your ink seem out of place. And trust me. It is your ink that is in the perfect place.

Being a feminine bride with badass ink is totally doable when you know how to look at your dress through a designer’s eye.

Robert Frey is a couture wedding designer and owner of Roberta Frey Designs. This New York City trained designed specializes in creating beautiful gowns for her inked brides. Roberta currently takes private appointments in New York City, Los Angeles, and the Las Vegas areas.

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