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A royal color palette paired with a statement gown and guests traveling from all over the world made for one chart topping evening. As you'll soon see, the classic, neutral touches created a dreamy, timeless feel for this thoughtful Turkish inspired wedding captured by Brandon Chesbro.
You can see every last moment in the full gallery here, and after that, we recommend reading on to see the amazing advice and budget breakdown from the stunning bride.

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Lazaro Wedding Gown

Words from The Bride on the venue

I remember walking into the venue for the first time while still in construction. Needless to say, it was magic. We knew this would be the perfect foundation and it didn’t take seeing it fully complete to know we wanted it there. Fast forward to the wedding day and it’s early in the morning. I’m the first one to walk into the venue with my dress, hearing my footsteps echo through the entire place. In that moment I knew I could just admire each second and hide it in my heart forever.

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wedding ceremony

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With the uniqueness of our guests, we wanted to do something special when it came to favors. We had gold tins and gold chocolates sent in from Turkey. They fit in perfectly with the gold flatware and gold calligraphy name cards. Our exit was one for the books. Everyone lined up outside with giant sparklers and coins brought in from Turkey. They were scattered across the ground, and walking through the crowd was like having their joy being tossed onto us as the coins flew and the sparklers sparkled.

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See all the sweet heart touching moments of this day play out in the film below, captured by Needle and Thread.

Read on to see how much this thoughtful Turkish inspired wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you. Also the bride included some ridiculously good advice that would be silly to pass up!

Budget Breakdown:
The first thing I did was set up a spreadsheet with all my chosen vendors. I had meetings with each one, shared what I wanted, and waited to hear what their costs would be. As soon as I plugged the numbers in, I began adjusting, customizing, and narrowing down what I did/didnt’ want.
First, we were set on our venue, The Cordelle, which ranges from $3-5,000 depending on the day. It’s so important to choose a place you love because it’ll be the foundation of your entire wedding. Having a great photographer is also a must! It may be one of the higher costs on your list, but it’s the only thing you’ll have from your wedding when it’s over. A great photographer can range from $3,000+ depending on if they need to travel, etc. Ours was in the $4,000-$5,000 range. A close second would be a videographer that was around $2,000. We found a rental company who was also our day of coordinator, so we had a discount with our rentals. Both of those combined were in the $3,900 range– and thats after a lot of customizing! We knew we wanted to have a full dinner + hors d’oeuvres served, which ranged in the $4,500 area. This was also after a lot of give and take without sacrificing the quality of the food. Flowers were another important factor but the flexibility in the choosing process helps a lot. I chose to have one centerpiece per table, a hanging flower garland for the ceremony, my bouquet, and the bridesmaids bouquets. These were the most important factors to us and what people would spend the most time looking at. Most of the cost was put into the centerpieces. All in all, that ranged around $2,900. We included a Photobooth for $600 and that added a fun, personal touch to the wedding. It was a great entertainment piece for our guests during cocktail hour and the reception. Our cake was made locally by a friend, which was a great way to go. That costed $375 for two cakes. We had some minimal draping done to separate from ceremony and reception. It not only helped us use the space for two different ways, but created a beautiful archway once they were pulled back. This ranged at $500. All the above were the bigger expenses, excluding my dress, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair, etc. The dress I chose ranges from $3-4,000 depending on if it's used or new. My shoes and accessories were around the $1,500 range. At the end of the day, the cost of the wedding was around the $20k. We chose to put the money towards the things that meant the most to us, and there were other areas that we chose to go a really minimal route like the invitations, save the dates, and wedding programs. All of those were handmade by me, and we sent our invitations online. We got the wedding we wanted and we had an amazing team to help us see it through.
Advice to take to heart:
When I think of what I would’ve done differently, nothing comes to mind, which is actually a beautiful feeling. I really took the time to think about the day and what I wanted it to feel like. I think a lot of brides get stressed when it comes to the visuals + displays of weddings, but it’s simply a representation of who you are and what you like. Start there and everything will work itself into place.
When it comes time for the wedding, there may be little things that don’t go as planned. As a bride, it helps to realize it’s not our job to coordinate anymore, and trust the person who is coordinating. A lot of it is having a great perspective, and not being worried on the day of your wedding. Your guests and groom will feed on that, so set the tone with your mood.
Your time and attention will be on high demand the few days leading up to the wedding and the wedding day itself. Make sure to set good boundaries and take moments to yourself to enjoy everything. Breathe, and remember that everyone is there to help you and make sure your day goes smooth for you.
Don’t forget to eat + indulge on the day of your wedding. Have a glass of champagne with your bridesmaids. A drink throughout the day can help you relax. Also, make sure your caterer packs extra food + cake for you and your groom to eat later that night. (Trust me, both of you will sit down in an quiet hotel room, and the first thing you’ll realize is how hungry you are.)
Make sure your maid of honor (or anyone close to you) can be responsible for being the ‘go-to’ person throughout the wedding day, putting all your gifts in the getaway car, etc. You will have a lot of little things that need to be done and it'll save a great deal of time having someone help with those things.
If your wedding is during a hot season, do your guests and yourself a favor and try to utilize an indoor space that has a lot of big windows. For one, it’ll give the illusion that you’re not trapped from the beautiful scenery. It’ll also save you the misery of being in a heavy dress all day and your female guests who have spent quite a bit of time getting ready for your event too. We had both ceremony + reception indoors, but had a cocktail hour outside on the balcony. It created a great balance. You want your guests to be comfortable too!
Take your time in the planning process. If you’re a good planner, then use the money you would’ve used for a wedding planner and put it towards something else in the wedding. But, definitely hire a day of coordinator. It will make the world of a difference. I planned + designed everything on my own, but I worked with my day of planner who really helped me nail down the details.
Last, but not least: brides, your soon to be husbands love to feel included and they’re there for encouragement and support. Don’t make it a one woman job, but invite them in to carry the craziness with you. That could look like trusting them with part of the process + decision making. For us, I know our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was if it weren’t for the love, support, and wisdom that my husband gave me during those months of planning.


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