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This Wedding Dress is $57,500.00

The wedding dress that cost $57,500.00

That's right, folks this wedding dress costs $57,500.00. There is no denying that this wedding gown is a piece of art. It's modeled after the artist's own wedding gown. Harmony Lawrence spent 6 months designing and handcrafting this woodland fairy wedding gown. The dress used more than 2,000 beads, 5 yards of lace and 10 yards of miscellaneous fabrics before the dress was complete. 

The designer's specialty is unique one of a kind gowns that range from $1,500 and up! Peak at a few of her custom looks here, including a custom ball gown made of recycled jeans.

The wedding dress that cost $57,500.00

This is not the exact dress you would receive, Temperate Sage Fashion would design a one of  a kind fairytale wedding dress just for you. It will take 8 months to complete. You will be able to hand pick all the flower shapes. The dress in the photos has wild roses, wild violets, dogwood flowers, trilliums, and cherry blossoms. Once you select your flowers they will then be digitized and embroidered by machine, hand cut, and then embroidered on the dress. That is just a tid bit of all the work that goes into this super duper custom wedding gown. 

By the way you'll also get a matching formal vest for your love that is adorned with all the embellishments of the dress. Similar to the vest worn by the groom in this photo. 

As you can clearly see this elaborate wedding dress has some crazy details. It's truly a masterpiece that deserves to be framed after the wedding. Yes ... you can frame your wedding dress. The overwhelming question on all of our minds is ... would you spend $57,500.00 on your wedding dress?

The wedding dress that cost $57,500.00

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