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This Vintage Bespoke Engagement Ring has Broken the Internet

Vintage Bespoke Engagement Ring

This ring was posted by Wedding Chicks Member S. Kind & Co on our Wedding Inspiration page not to long ago. It happened to pick up some momentum, and has been stared over 12k times! Although this one-of-a-kind ring is no longer available,   S. Kind & Co has tons of other options all ethically sourced. Here are a couple of our favorites. Weather diamonds or Moissanite or a rainbow of colored stone options, there's something for everyone. Here are a handful of our favorites. 

Vintage Engagement Ring

Rose Cut Moissanite

Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars originally discovered in 1893 in a meteor crater. How romantic is that? This Rose Cut Moissanite is not only ethically responsible, but a super dreamy engagement ring under 3500.

engagement rings from etsy

18Engagement Rings from Etsy

Be sure to check out 18 Engagement Rings that we Love from Etsy, like this one from ShopClementine. There are so many options out there, regardless of your style you can easily find the perfect engagement ring that symbolizes your love. 

ethical engagement ring

Montana Sapphire

Stunning Montana Sapphire set in delicate rose gold. The minimalist design is perfect for a timeless look. This beauty sparkles in the light and dancing with tones of pale green, turquoise, and blue and priced at 3600.