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This Video Proves That Puppy Love Is So REAL

Groom Gives Bride Westie PuppyPhoto: James Strange Via Storyful

Any gift you can give your bride or groom on the big day means a lot… and that doesn’t even come close to the biggest gift you’re giving your new spouse - YOU. But a Scottish couple may have just given us the best idea ever: a puppy.

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Lauren, a self-proclaimed Westie worshipper, couldn’t wait to make it official with her husband, Ryan, this past July. She even started welling up with tears when she started with her vows. Singing her love’s praises for putting up with her penchant for West Highland White Terriers, she said “I love that you have taken in my passion or obsession for Westies…” and she continues “and I appreciate that you, on a daily basis, send me pictures whenever you see them.”

She was so smitten it kills us. But what we love even more than her vows is what happened later….

Ryan gave his new wife a present to end all presents. Her own Westie puppy to fawn over. Hand delivered in a black and red gingham basket, the three-and-a-half-week-old baby Westie greeted his mommy looking ultra-dapper in a cherry red collar.

We’ll say what everyone else was thinking. This groom’s gift-giving game is 👌 and we’ll tell you why:

the puppy is paw-sitively perfect

You cannot deny that this little fluff ball pushes the boundaries of cuteness.

he took her pastime personally

Aside from his bride sharing how attentive Ryan was to her pooch preoccupation already (in her vows), by his dutiful daily dog photos, he took it a step further by getting her the real thing.

his gift says he's daddy material

He might not be ready for diapers and drool fests, but this groom obvi has offspring on his mind. And by showing that he’s game for all the responsibilities that come with pet rearing, he’s subtly hinting that he’s on board for future babies too.

We have a feeling these two won’t have time for post-wedding blues, because they’re going to have their hands tied in no time.

And if you’re thinking of putting your own puppy in your wedding. We’ll teach you how to do it doggy-style!