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This Site Makes Collecting All Your Wedding Photos So Easy


This Site Makes Collecting All Your Wedding Photos So Easy

We’ll tell you a little secret, okay? As much as your wedding will be the best day ever, the day after your wedding might even be a little better. Seriously! Because once you leave your hotel and say goodbye to the rest of your guests at your farewell brunch, you’ll likely spend the rest of the day at home, in pjs, opening up gifts, reading through the well wishes left in your guest book, and, best of all, looking at ALL the pics you and your guests took throughout the day. It’s really such a good time! That said, if your tribe didn’t get your social media memo on your hashtag, you might not have anything aggregated there. And you probably don’t want your phone blowing up with photo texts the day before you leave on your honeymoon - after all, you’ll need room for those #newlyweddedbliss snaps. That’s why we’re loving on Wed Uploader: the easiest way to gather every wedding picture and video from your friends and family.

They know what’s up[loader]

The team behind this site definitely gets what we mean by that day after the wedding high and how important it is to have a thick batch of photos to sort through when you and your new spouse are cuddling up on the couch (or in bed #wedontjudge), nursing hangovers, going through the highlight reel of the previous day. You’ll remember a lot about your wedding, of course, but you’ll need photo proof, too, to remember all the little things and see your best day ever through the eyes of your best friends forever.

This Site Makes Collecting All Your Wedding Photos So Easy

Here’s how Wed Uploader gets the job done in a snap[shot]!

  1. You sign up and create your free WedUploader - which basically liaises with your already existing Google Drive in a user-friendly way, allowing your guests to send media files directly to you.

  2. You share your link - WedUploader will create a unique web URL for you to share with your wedding guests. How many times have you or your friends said ‘just send me the link?’ Well, you’ll get your link. You have our word!

  3. Your guests share their moments from your marriage - your friends and fam just have to visit your unique WedUploader URL and, you guessed it, upload their photos and videos from the wedding directly into your Google Drive.

This Site Makes Collecting All Your Wedding Photos So Easy

And why we ❤️ them even more.

They’ve essentially tied the knot with another one of our favorites, Google Drive, so….

  • It’s absolutely free, no hidden cost(s)!

  • You own every moment - every picture and video goes directly into your own Google Drive

  • Works on every device through every browser

  • You don’t have to ask your guests to download any extra apps

  • You don’t have to make your guests memorize photo logging logins

  • There aren’t any upload limits (well, up to the 15GB Google gives you FO FREE), receive every picture and image in OG quality

This Site Makes Collecting All Your Wedding Photos So Easy

Now all you need to do is figure out where to put that URL for maximum usage!! TBH, we suggest using WedUploader from day one. To organize ALL your memories, from engagement party to post-wedding brunch, you can actually create different WedUploaders and have a dedicated one for each event (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, wedding morning, etc.). Under a single login, you'll have the option to create multiple WedUploaders, which you can give a name based on the occasion. Then just email everyone the link for the WedUploader, put it on your wedding website, or share it on your social channels #linkinbio, peeps!

Want to ensure your first full day married is one for the [photo] books!? Then you’ll want to create a WedUploader RN! Your own photo URL is just this way 👉 WedUploader, let’s do this!

We partnered with WedUploader to give you a great idea to make the day after your best day ever eveeeennn better. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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