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This Romantic Wedding Inspiration is Filled With Puppies & Love



Since your wedding is going to be filled with people you love, why not include all your furry friends?! Dog friendly weddings are trending, and we’re totally on board this cuddle train. Ariele Chapman photography along with a team of vendors set out to create a gorgeous, dog friendly wedding fro all the dog lovers out there, and they featured an adorable pack of pups all dressed for the occasion.

To say this shoot is adorable is an understatement! From floral collars and leashes to a pup reception table complete with stylish water bowls and iced dog biscuits. Don't be afraid to include your furry friends every step of the way, and of course, the more dogs the better! Fetch a closer look at all the fido friendly fun below and in the full gallery.


don't forget your furry friends

A wedding should be filled with the people you love the most right? So why not include your furry pals! Most dog lovers would love to have their dog(s) at their wedding, and we feel the same. It’s becoming more and more of a trend, and we are here for it! Some of the dogs in this shoot were previous foster dogs that have been adopted into loving homes, and some from shelters who are looking for their Fur-Ever home. Which is why the bouquet had a beautiful pendant saying “Always and Fur-Ever.” Each dog had either a floral collar or a floral leash, which helps disguise leashes to make them stand out more on their “Paw-Rents” wedding day.




hidden milk bones

For our ceremony, we created areas that were inspired by our four legged friends, so we wrapped beautiful flowers around two trees for the ceremony space. We hid milk bones within the trees that if you got just close enough, you could see the magic and smile. We had not seen this done yet, and we thought it would be the perfect touch for the ceremony site! Getting the dogs to not eat the bones was challenging, so we moved the milk bones up higher, and all dogs were very happily fed during this amazing shoot.








how to include your pups

At weddings there’s always tables for your guests, so why not make a table for your dogs and their close pals? For the dog table we used a simple children’s low picnic table, featuring delicious dog treats, and rose gold dog bowls we found at Target. We created an environment that was pet friendly, so the dogs could have some water, while the guests have champagne. We picked a venue that was both dog friendly and away from major roads, safety is important, and having land for the dogs to play was very important to us, as well as keeping them cool! A lot more venues are becoming dog friendly, and the trend is making a lot of brides and groom’s happy. I cannot tell you how many bridal sessions I do after for my clients, because they wished their pet could come with for their big day.




doggy details

For the main tables, we wanted to have large vases and have simple decor with a soft color palette. We had laser printed cut outs of dogs for the napkin holders, and each name tag was a laser cut out of a dog paw. We wanted to keep the table simple, and make subtle statement pieces on just how much dogs are loved. Baby’s breath adorned the large vases at the lovely Giracci Vineyards. For the cake we kept it simple and white with little paw prints on it, because lets face it all dogs love to play in the mud, and when they run back in the house, they always leave a trail. It’s so hard to get mad at something so cute, right? Who wouldn’t want their dog at their wedding? Because the only thing that the bride and groom love more than each other, is their dog!





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