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This Is the Only Way You Should Wear White to a Wedding

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Let’s be honest, every day traditions at weddings become more and more obsolete. And we’re all about it, because we loveeee being challenged to make tweaks on old ways of tying the knot. That being said, there’s one tradition that we just can’t foresee ourselves overlooking, ever: guests wearing white. It’s just the fauxiest of wedding fashion faux pas, and even if the bride is MODERN AF, it’s not a guest’s call to show up in a color typically reserved for one person and one person only. The bride, herself, is the only soul who can throw out the rule book and tell her crew to come in white, ivory, alabaster, etc. If she dictates it (and heard about color dress codes, they’re a real thing), then it shall be done.

One bride - who you might know from shows such as Better Call Saul and Godless (it’s on Netflix) - one upped this even more for her own wedding, though, inviting her bridal party, family, friends, and wedding guests to come clad in their own wedding gowns. Sooo, not just a white dress, but THE white dress.

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Sounds a little quirky, right? But if you see the photos - and you can, she’s posted so many good ones on her Insta feed - you’ll get where she was coming from right away. Audrey Moore, you wanted the guest experience at your nuptials to be next level; for your squad to come, have a hilarious time, rock something that they would have never thought they’d wear ever again (or wear to a wedding, period, coming in costume was the other option), and really lean into their strange-but-super-fun request. (Because that’s when ideas like this work best, when you get everyone to roll with them - even when they might think they're rando).

Of the 120 guests that Audrey and her hubby, Jesse Lumen, asked to take part in their wedding wardrobe adventure, 10 girls obliged the wedding dress request. Some had been married for as little as six months, others as long as 20 years, but they ALL had a blast giving their wedding best a second life - including Fiona Gubelmann, who I spotted IMMEDIATELY when I saw the pics. She plays Morgan on The Good Doctor (if you have to ask who Morgan or The Good Doctor are, we can’t be friends…. 😉). Apparently, she got married in her feather-ruffled dress 10 years ago, and it still looked 💯 on her at the Moore-Lumen marriage.

This Is the Only Way You Should Wear White to a WeddingThe 'glowing' bride:

A few lame people commented on Audrey’s posts, calling bulls*** on her gown gang, but seriously, she’s just a really cool bride who doesn’t mind sharing her shine. She told Good Morning America that she had "gone to all of their weddings and remembered how beautiful they looked and how sad they all were that it [the dress] was going to sit in a box." So, she used her wedding as a platform to stage their second acts!! And seriously, thissss is what we all should be doing! Having fun, laughing at ourselves, being playful, making memories. Her wedding had lots of this... 

In fact, here were just a few more things we loved, and might be hoping we’ll get to experience ourselves [at a wedding someday]:

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➡️ They rented video games

➡️ The groomsmen all wore tuxedo sweatshirts, which we actually really kind of love for an after-party ensem switch

➡️ Their mamas played flower girls

➡️ Their rehearsal dinner was actually a cake decorating event (we call dibs on this idea forever. BEST EVER)

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