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This Florida Keys Photographer Has a Drone & She Knows How to Use It


This Florida Keys Photographer Does Incredible Things With a Drone Photo Credit:

We’re always excited to feature exceptional wedding talent here, especially when they’re doing really cool things for the brides and grooms we love. And this wedding photographer in the Florida Keys is exactly who you want shooting your wedding, because she and we can guarantee that come your first wedding anniversary, you’ll be looking at and watching all the magic from your best day. Come to think of it, you’ll be doing it every year - at the same time, Nada Khalaf-Jones, 20-year photography veteran, will be sitting back, raising a glass, and smiling, because as she says “beautiful, shiny happy people are celebrating their love… again.” Yassss!

You’re going to want someone who can get it all.
As we’ve said time and time again, you will never regret doing both photography and videography for your wedding day. There are some moments, we’ll call them the ‘goosebump’ moments, that just translate SO much better on film than simple still photos. And you’ll want a professional who can capture them all. Nada Khalaf-Jones does just that at her company, Weddings Today.

This Florida Keys Photographer Does Incredible Things With a Drone

For Nada, the first step to brilliant wedding visuals is getting to know her clients. She has a industry-leading, technically-skilled style, of course, but first and foremost, she tailors her trade to the tempo of her clients. Documentary-style filming, where there is more following than posing, is her preferred - then again, she is also very happy to take a less candid, cinematic approach if that’s what her clients feel more comfortable with or just like the look of more. This applies to both her videography and photography services, wherein the technical trademarks like lighting and sharp, clear images, are essential, but capturing the client’s moment, in its most authentic, unrehearsed, and natural way is the most important part of the day.

What’s the usual Weddings Today turnaround?
Nada operates with this understanding “when you invade someone's space during a wedding or for a portrait studio or outdoor shoot you bond. Where there is a photo shoot there is a connection.” And as such, she’s earned herself a 5-star rating across Google, Facebook, and the overall wedding mise en scène.

… Discounted packages in engagement, elopement, wedding photography and videography certainly have something to do with it, but her reputation speaks more to her celebrated client satisfaction, consistency, and serious camera chops.

  • Her packages begin at 4 hours, but the most popular is the 6-hour package
  • There are several videography and photography combination packages
  • She delivers 3 films for each wedding, along with attractively-laid-out modern gallery links to photographs
  • She offers a number of giveaways, including 20 x 24 canvas prints and/or a 20-page photo gallery book
  • She also furnishes the raw footage as many more people are making their own films with all the new commercial apps ((she doesn’t charge extra for this - which is pretty unheard of!))

This Florida Keys Photographer Does Incredible Things With a Drone

The day flies by, so the documenting means should, too.

Vendors doing cool things, remember when we said that? Well, Nada is notorious for the cool she accomplishes with her camera: her European influence brings a ton of new styles and creative experimentation into her craft. She’s actually one of the first licensed and insured videographers to fly a drone - since 2016. She shoots from the sky with DJI’s drones ((we’re obvi no tech experts, but these are the money drones, that we know for sure)), but she’ll always have a GoPro strapped to a tree or inside the awning of the beachside tent to make sure nothing is missed. GoPro is better quality and more stable than ever, according to Nada!

And what does she think of aerial photography? 😍😍😍 She thinks it’s perfect for weddings, and her photos seem to make that point very clear!

They’re forever grateful.

“I cry every time I watch our wedding video. Nada Jones did an amazing job capturing our outdoor wedding at The Walton House in Homestead, FL. The venue is a five-acre jungle setting with wild animals. Our event took place in the afternoon and lasted into the night with varying lighting conditions. Nada used multiple cameras and drones to capture it all in stunning detail and vivid color. She then edited the final video using the songs we played at the wedding, bringing the video to life. It was an amazing evening that our guests will remember for years to come. Nada Jones helped preserve those memories for us. I am forever grateful that we hired her.” ~ Francisco

“Absolutely Amazing! Nada is simply AMAZING! She is really so much more than a photographer. From the beginning through to the end, she offered endless support, advice and guidance. She was so patient and kind, to say that she is talented would be a huge understatement! Our family will be using Nada for all of our photography needs, beyond engagements.” ~ Jessica

The key to all the first anniversary 😭? Booking this Florida Keys friendor. 

This Florida Keys Photographer Does Incredible Things With a Drone

Complete the wedding inquiry on her website for a chance to receive a lovely wedding basket from local vendor friends. Visit her blog to be entered into a drawing to win a spa package at one of the newest local day spas in Key Largo. And keep up with the international wedding inspiration that informs her business on the daily, she always comes back with something to give away to her newest booked brides or proposal couples.


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