This Engagement Shoot at Target Proves Love is in Everyday Things


Cute Engagement shoot in Target

Looking for a fun, laid-back engagement shoot idea? You’ve come to the right place! This couple wanted an unconventional idea from their everyday lives, and Ariele Chapman photography came up with the fun idea of a late night shoot at one of their (and everyone's) favorite stores, Target!

It just goes to show that love can be found in normal, everyday things, including the endless aisles of Tarjay. Shopping will never be the same after this! Keep scrolling to see more of this adorably charming engagement shoot in Target, and when you’re ready to check out, be sure to swing by the full gallery for more candid moments.

FUN engagement shoot in Target

unconventional yet normal

From Ariele Chapman: I had a couple that wanted something unconventional, yet normal for their everyday life. I sat down with them and we talked about what things they did together, and running errands was on that list. I said, do you ever go to Target late at night because you decided you wanted to get a board game, or you ran out of flour to bake cookies with, or even because you needed toilet paper? They both said "YES!" We all talked about our obsession with Target, and how going there is like a drug. How can you leave with just one thing?

Late night engagement shoot in TargetLate night engagement shoot in Target

Late night engagement shoot in Target

Late night engagement shoot in TargetEngagement shoot in Target

Sometimes love is going to Target at 11pm together

I wanted to romanticize everyday life with the person you love, so we decided to shoot at Target, to make it relatable, to not be overdressed, be comfortable, and to just do the normal things you do together. Sometimes love is going to Target at 11pm on a Saturday night with the one you love, because you needed paper towels, or some socks. Love is in everyday things, no matter how small.

An unconventional engagement shoot in Target

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