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This Custom Guest Book Idea from Positive Prints Is Legitimately Stellar


This Custom Guest Book Idea from Positive Prints Is Legitimately Stellar

Figured I’d start off this post with a little transparency, because, truth be told, I’m kind of biased. Anything decor-related that has to do with planets, stars, moons, always gives me heart eyes. My son’s nursery was a sort of moon and space mixed with John Lennon theme (months before he was born, I found a piece of wall art that had a moon and a ‘We All Shine On” quote on it, and it pretty much inspired the entire room), and to this day, any time I think of his baby bedroom - he’s now nearly 4 years old - I get chills and all kinds of starry-eyed. Needless to say, this company already had my attention, but then I started thinking about all the ways their celestial-centric products could work for weddings and my eyes quickly went from 😍 to 🤩. If you’re in the market for something truly out of this world for your nuptials, I’d suggest you start here, with Positive Prints.

So needed and on brand for the 2020 world we’re living in.

Positive Prints was created by Marta and Ralph, a couple of fun-loving creatives looking to spread joy and positivity worldwide. Through an easy-to-use online platform, Positive Prints gives you the ability to create and ship a meaningful, personalized gift for any occasion without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. And if you are looking for a last-minute gift, you can check out their digital options to instantly download print-ready images (we LOVE this). 

A guest book is always a good idea, but it's truly meaningful nowadays.

This Custom Guest Book Idea from Positive Prints Is Legitimately Stellar

We’ll forever be behind getting guest signatures and heartfelt messages on your wedding day, but since this year has changed weddings sooo much (for the good and the bad, but mostly good - because a marriage and a future together is always good news), it feels almost imperative to celebrate the good times and really, truly cherish the time spent with the ones you love most. After all, your friends and family are kind of your sun, moon, and all of your stars, right?!

Moreover, even if your wedding has had to scale down some, the guests that might not be coming in person can still be a very big part of the day. 

Here’s how we see it

Positive Prints has tons of customizable pieces of art and prints for every occasion, but to make your day of “I Do” all the more special, their moon and star maps are particularly heavenly [bodies]. 

This Custom Guest Book Idea from Positive Prints Is Legitimately Stellar

With a personalized star map, you can recreate the night sky during the most memorable evenings of your life. Positive Prints’s interactive star map editor makes it easy to find the night sky from any precious and poignant date and location. Likewise, a custom moon phase poster can also bring back memories from your favorite nights. Using astronomical data, straight from The European Space Agency, you can create a moon phases poster print based on any date and location. You can actually freeze a frame of how the moon will look on the day you get married - before it happens! 

So, maybe that means you’ll want a star map highlighting the constellations that were at play (up above) when your partner popped the question. You can have this printed (with your choice of styles and colors and details unique to your proposal story) and place it somewhere at your reception with a note to your guests to leave their own supernova advice or wisdom for your own happily ever after. 

This Custom Guest Book Idea from Positive Prints Is Legitimately Stellar

Or, you can go with a moon phases poster and a note that says “we love you to the moon and back, thank you for sharing in our day!” For something even more cosmic, perhaps you can hint to your Maid of Honor or Best Man (or anyone else particularly on-point in your bridal party) to collect messages from virtual guests, those who were previously invited, but will now be watching from afar, and then have them inscribe them on your poster for the ultimate wedding day surprise. 

Out of this galaxy guest book idea or an anniversary gift that's off the [star] charts

“The shipping was really fast and smooth. Customer service was phenomenal, with quick and helpful responses. All the prints available are so unique and you can play around with it so much and personalize a lot. Got the constellation print for an anniversary and I’m super content with it. Would definitely order from them again!” ~ Mindy N

“Such a unique gift. I got the moon from our first date and gave it to my husband on our wedding anniversary. I found a nice vintage frame and put it up in our bedroom, we will cherish it forever.” ~ Ewelina 

This Custom Guest Book Idea from Positive Prints Is Legitimately Stellar

Shop Positive Prints right now to make your wedding day so much more meaningful. ✨

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