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This Curated Lingerie Box Will Make You Feel Like a Fox


Burgundy Fox Lingerie Boxes for All Body Types

Feel free to jump in and disagree, but we’re going to come right out and say it - there is nothing better than a new pair of underwear or flawlessly-fitting bra. The fearless females behind Burgundy Fox, the brand behind an entirely new and refreshing lingerie landscape, think so too, so they sponsored this post with the hope that all of us at home might start enjoying the usually-intimidating experience of shopping for unmentionables.

How many times have you stepped into Victoria’s Secret and felt like you should turn right around and head elsewhere? Maybe the markedly-thin mannequins made you feel ‘out of proportion’ or you couldn’t help but feel like you were being judged for picking up boy shorts or high-waisted briefs over cheekier types? For me, I’ve felt awkward browsing through bras that weren’t for nursing. I’ve been breastfeeding my babe for over a year now, and as I look forward to the day when leaky nips and lopsided ladies can be part of my past, I still don’t think it’ll be easy to jump right back into sexy bras, push-ups and padding (okay, maybe not padding, I was #blessed/#cursed with a well-endowed rack 😒).

Burgundy Fox Curated Lingerie Boxes for All Body Types

The reality of the intimates industry is that it kind of sucks. The standards of beauty are shallow and the narratives are narrow at best - leaving every woman feeling ‘less than’ at some point in her life - but Burgundy Fox is alllll about celebrating and empowering women of ALL body types. Really, everything shoppable on site is available in sizes XS to 6X and bras up to 46K. Because getting new lingerie shouldn’t just be an “I need it” situation, it should be an “I want it” and “I’ll wear the s*** out of it” situation, too.

So what can you expect from a BF box?

Well, it all depends on which box you choose. You can opt for a one-off box, try something monthly or go for a seasonal subscription, there’s truly something for every undies enthusiast. Once you’ve picked your package, then it’s all about completing a personal style profile so that your BF stylist can select the best, totally-tailored pieces for your box - which always includes a surprise self-care item (from soy candles to sheet masks and natural beauty must-haves). After you receive it, unbox and undress, you’ll review what you got and provide feedback so that your next box is EVEN BETTER.

Burgundy Fox Curated Lingerie Boxes for All Body Types

The perfect gift for a new bride-to-be

Even though lingerie doesn’t readily come to mind as a gift for a newly-engaged friend - it’s about time we change the script! Brides-to-be have enough to worry about, what with planning a wedding, emptying their bank accounts on OOO expenses, etc., so finding time to replenish their top drawers isn’t really a top priority. It’d be pretty amazing to gift them with an unbelievable BF experience - luxurious packaging, a handwritten card, free shipping & returns and a surprise self-care item underscored with love. She’ll feel so taken care of, not to mention, she’ll get the chance to try out a great selection of brands that she might need later -- for under her gown, to wear on her honeymoon, to make baby-making even sexier. There are three ways to make it happen - whether you know her size and can shop seamlessly, want to leave it up to the panty pros to curate something based on her profile, or would prefer to send her a gift card and let her go wild on her own, she’ll be delighted nonetheless.

Burgundy Fox Curated Lingerie Boxes for All Body Types

A promo to get you started

Because they can’t wait to help you find your foxy, they’re offering 10 percent off on your first order. Use the code ‘WEDDINGCHICKS10’ at checkout, and see the savings start rolling in… Free shipping on all gifts and curated boxes, too!! That’s a panty dropper, for sureeee!

Oh, and if you weren’t already getting psyched to start shopping - here’s another bonus. For every box bought, a new undergarment goes straight to I Support the Girls - a nonprofit that collects and distributes new and gently-used bras, individually-sealed tampons and maxi pads to women and girls who need them the most. 🙏


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We partnered with Burgundy Fox to share their badass mission and their baller boxes for every body type. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!