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This Couple Arrived At Their Wedding In Their Own Fire Truck


Vienna wedding photographer - Velvet Love

Although Austrians typically feel that Wednesday is the best day for weddings, Nadja and Julian were married on a Saturday, August 31, 2019. Their wedding day was exactly one year from their secret elopement.

Austria Photographers, Velvet Love Wedding Photography was at both events to photograph all the love. We added a few photos of their secret elopement below! Keep scrolling to see their entire  wedding and all the fun details like how they arrived in their own fire truck.

Vienna wedding photographer - Velvet Love

secret elopement

Take a look at Nadja's apron if you keep scrolling you can see the same fabric wrapped around the chairs at their wedding wedding. Below is the story of the apron.

Scroll down to see how Nadja used the apron she wore at her secret elopement at her wedding.

Nadja asked her mum to sew her an apron with this traditional fabric that she bought in Julian's Mother's hometown. The "Dirndl" (dirndl dress, traditional dress/costume) and it's fabric looks different in different regions of Austria.

At the time Nadja's mum sewed the apron, she didn't know about the secret wedding, so it was a lovely surprise for her. Nadja used the fabric then as a decoration at the dinner table at her big church wedding day (Julian's and her chair were decorated with the fabric as well as Nadja's Mum's table set was decorated with it.

Austrian elopement captured by Velvet Love Photography Austrian elopement captured by Velvet Love Photography

Austrian elopement captured by Velvet Love Photography

Austrian elopement captured by Velvet Love Photography

The Wedding Ceremony

On their wedding day they had a traditional church wedding at Stadtpfarrkirche zum Hl. Blut Graz. 

buttoning of wedding dress wedding flay lay ideas

bridesmaid walking down aisle at church

church wedding ceremony church wedding ceremony photograph

Vienna Wedding Photographer
Velvet Love

Velvet Love was created to help couples, that are looking for authentic and intimate moments. Their style incorporates Fine Art elements and documentary photography. They are aiming for a timeless, organic and authentic style.

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church wedding ceremony

wedding exit where guests threw rice wedding exit where guests threw rice

Austria Wedding Venue

Nadja and Julian's guests stayed at  The Marienhof Estate, just a stone's throw from the Herberstein Gartenschloss, nestled between vines and gardens. The ideal place for all your guests to stay. After all the fun of the wedding reception, guests can head back to their cozy quarters.

Velvet Love Wedding Photography

long sleeve wedding dress paired with long veil

long sleeve wedding dress bride and groom portrait idea

nadjajulian_print_cvelvetlove-414 nadjajulian_print_cvelvetlove-416

long sleeve wedding dress

bridesmaids in white dresses bridesmaids in white dresses

couple arrived in old fire engine


If your wedding reception is at a different location than your wedding ceremony, personalize your arrival. You could rent that fancy vintage Mercedes or arrive in that van that you plan to travel cross country in after your wedding.  Whatever you decide, be sure to decorate your wedding car. 

Style Your Car With
 This Adorable DIY 

Nadja and Julian arrived in their converted fire truck that was decorated with an Always Love Banner on the back. 

couple arrived in old fire engine couple arrived in old fire engine

couple arrived in old fire engine

white and green wedding ideas

bright white garden wedding ideas chairs wrapped with ribbon

wedding centerpiece with bamboo

napkin with embossed wedding favor NadjaJulian_web(c)Velvetlove-1768

white cake on wooden stand

Mészáros Macaron & Dessert

Mészáros Macaron & Dessert made this beautiful cake, you must visit their Instagram to see all of their beautiful desserts. All of their Macarons and tiny bite size cakes look delicious. If ever in Austria, it is a must visit according to Trip Advisor. Here is their address  Jungferngasse 2, Graz 8010 Austria.

cutting the cake cutting the cake

Schloss Herberstein wedding venue


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