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This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry


This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

How many weeks have we been quarantining now? Six going on seven? Has everyone gotten online shopping out of their systems yet, because we’ve found a brand new place for you to spend 💸 (as little as you want, too) - and, to be honest, occupy your time (if you’re lucky enough to be safe at home and not out saving our world). If these extra hours spent with your S.O. are solidifying how in-it-for-life your love is, then you might want to check out Gemist and start designing your engagement ring. And, actually, since none of us know how long this crisis is going to play out for, it might make sense to design some wedding bands, too…

Living under a giant rock for way too long

Pun intended, btw. It’s true, before Gemist and its completely-now, choice-focused custom jewelry process were unearthed, the options to go about designing something unique, personal, and stylish were big-refresh-thirsty, at best. Born from a desire to let the consumer drive an experience that should be custom, personal, premiere quality, and exhaustive, Gemist allows brides, grooms, fashionistas, artists, etc. to go way beyond uninspired “one size fits all” 🤮 convenience.

Buhbye to the stressful jewelry store world tour and hello to a completely progressive, intuitive, exciting, fun, and tailored custom jewelry experience. With the Ring Studio, you can customize the metal, color, setting, cut, and more of each ring and tweak any element to make it just right before purchasing. 

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

At-home try-on, but make it fashion

To take things even a step further, Gemist has a fantastic at-home try-on program to test out engagement, wedding band, or everyday rings you’re interested in, before making any big decisions.

Choose It.

Select the three rings that you love most. Gemist’s try-on rings look identical to the real deal!

Try It.

You have two weeks to wear them to lunch, show your friends and family (via Zoom chats and FaceTime, of course), and decide what’s right for you. A prepaid shipping label comes with to return all the goods back to Gemist.

Buy It. 

Before you buy, you can tweak, edit, or alter any element of your ring to make it just right!

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

An expert to bring your ring dreams into reality

Gemist’s On The Hunt program is exactly what anyone wants out of a custom design experience - but guess what? You can do it from your couch #quarantinegoals.


Jump on a 15-30 minute call with your Gemist Stylist to discuss what you want to create and share inspiration and images that give you all the feels.


Collaborate with your stylist to perfect your design. Once you're all set, Gemist will provide you with 3 renders of your ring to confirm you love it!


Get ready to fall in love. Everything that’s dreamed up On The Hunt is handcrafted in Downtown Los Angeles using stones that are only ever ethically sourced. They take approximately 2-3 weeks to make!

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

Gemist made their lists (of the best things in life)...

“I knew I wanted a say in what my engagement ring would look like, so Gemist was perfect for us. We got to do home try-on and work with the team to finalize and edit the design until it was exactly what I wanted. My partner then ordered the ring and proposed a few months later to keep the proposal a surprise! I love everything about my ring. We will definitely be designing our wedding bands with them. Thank you Gemist!”

“My girlfriend hinted at what kind of style she wanted for her ring. I wanted to design something for her with her aesthetic in mind. I was able to work with May, my Gemist stylist, to create a ring design that was exactly right. It was a really easy process and the final result was amazing. Sarah is in love with the ring!”

"I love my Gemist rings! The whole ring buying process was so easy right from the start. I got to mix and match and get creative until I found my perfect green and gold spirit stack, then the Gemist team made it for me like magic! The stand-ins are so well made, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. I get so many compliments! I highly recommend Gemist, they make all your ring dreams come true!”

"The app is super user friendly and I love that you can order a stand-in that looks real, but doesn’t break the bank.”

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

"Finding jewelry that I like is probably the hardest thing for me and something I dread shopping for. I am always on the hunt for delicate pieces that aren’t too flashy. I always have trouble finding what I am looking for. The Gemist app made the process so much easier for me for finding the perfect ring that suits my style. Being able to design my own ring and trying it on made the process so exciting!”

"My experience at Gemist is unlike any jewelry encounter I’ve ever had! Who knew there could be so much power and play in designing and selecting your own ring???”

“I ended up designing a ring with a yellow sapphire and solid gold band that really matches my energy. Since I am a photographer living on a minimal budget, I was particularly drawn to the low-cost rings that emulate their higher counterparts perfectly. Within a week I received it, and you would never know the difference! I just love it! I will definitely utilize Gemist for all my future ring purchases. Thank you thank you!”

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

Oh… about that ‘stand-in?’ 

Yup, okay, so this is kind of our FAVORITE part. You can also purchase an identical version of your ring, called The Stand-In, which is made of sterling silver, gold plating, and Swarovski crystals. Customers love this option to try out their design, to have a physical ring on hand for a proposal, or to have a backup ring to withstand everyday wear and tear. Traveling, playing sports, doing anything when we’re all back from COVID19 craziness can be done without worry with the stand-in.

Want the stand-in as THE ring? You can do that too and refrain from breaking the bank!

This Company Has Completely Changed the Game for Custom Jewelry

Stay home, stay safe, stay stylish and save!

Now through May 15th, use promo code “GEMCHICKS” @ checkout for 15 percent off, site wide.

Seriously, chicks, the website is awesome, but the app is even better! Get that download on RN!


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We partnered with Gemist to bring this super cool custom jewelry brand and design experience to our trend-forward brides. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!