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This Cheetah Girl is Having a V Cool Wedding in Las Vegas


Sabrina Bryan Cheetah Girl and Fiance Jordan LundbergPhoto:

We LOVE a good real wedding, I mean, have you seen this bohemian Carrie Bradshaw wedding? But celebrity weddings just really get our hearts going. Case in point, Amy Schumer’s Malibu maritals a few weeks ago. Just. So. Good. 🙌 Well, while it’s been quitttttte a long time since we sat down to watch The Cheetah Girls, the girls have been awfully busy getting married over the last few years. First, it was Adrienne Bailon in November 2016, followed quickly by Kiely Williams just a month later, and now Sabrina Bryan is tying the knot with the amor de su vida. No, it isn’t Joaquin, it’s another cutie, Jordan Lundberg.

Sabrina hasn’t been out of the spotlight since her Dorinda days, in fact, she’s been shining in the dancing arena (why wouldn’t she?). Having competed in two seasons of Dancing With the Stars, finishing both in the sixth week with partners Mark Ballas and Louis Van Amstel, Sabrina has kept up her CG legacy and dancing queen reputation. And we already know that she’s going to be bringing all the sass and next-level samba skills to the ballroom on her own wedding day, this October.

Wonder if she’s been taking some cues from Drew Scott and practicing dance at home with her hubby-to-be?

Anyway, in her journey to the altar, we’ve basically realized that Sabrina Bryan is legitimately ALL of us. And here’s how we know it…..

She’s obsessed with Hayley Paige.

I mean, isn’t every bride?!?!! According to her Insta, she hasn’t found the dress yet… but she’s a Hayley Paige or bust bride, fo shooo… They’re sparkle sisters ✨👯

Sabrina Bryan and Hayley Paige Bridal MarketPhoto:

She loves being a fiancée.

What girl doesn’t love upgrading for girlfriend to fiancée status? She’s all about it.

Sabrina Bryan FianceePhoto:

She’s got the princess bride thing down pat.
She got engaged at the Ashford Castle in Ireland last April, and from his proposal on bended knee to her stunnnnnning rock, several fairy tale + Disney Cinderella references and a #onceuponalundberg hastag later, she’s proven she’s a total princess in the making. Would someone please get this Cheetah Girl some glass slippers?!!

Sabrina Bryan Gets Engaged at Ashford Castle in IrelandPhoto:

Her girls are there every step of the way.

Sabrina and Kiely have been besties since their Disney days. Sabrina served as Kiely’s MOH when she took the plunge in 2016, and of course Kiely will be returning the favor! She even accompanied Sabrina to bridal market last October, just to make sure she supported her girl early on in her quest for the dress.

Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams Cheetah GirlsPhoto:

She’s having a dream Vegas wedding.

Okay, maybe not all of us can have a Wayne Newton Las Vegas wedding at Casa De Shenandoah, planned by Elle & Jay Events, but Sabrina and her bae have been making pre-wedding preparations at her venue, and they are SO excited (as all of us are when things with planning are going well - food and cake tastings ✔️, meeting with photographers and DJs ✔️).

Sabrina Bryan and Fiance Jordan LundbergPhoto:

We can’t wait to see how the rest of planning goes for Sabrina --- CONGRATULATIONS, CHEETAH GIRL!!! 

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