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Thinking Ahead: Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 Weddings


 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 WeddingsPost:

After you started planning your wedding, people probably began pointing out various decorating ideas. They might have recommended color schemes or themes you didn’t like. While you appreciated them trying to help, it was hard to know what plans were their personal preference and which ones were in style.

Now a new year has started, and you’re considering how you’ll pull together all the details. There are endless decor options out there for brides who want to personalize their ceremony and venue, but only a few ideas will remain popular in the upcoming spring season.

Before you order your next round of wedding supplies, consider these spring decorating trends for 2020. You’re bound to find something you like that will fit in perfectly with what you might already have planned. See if any of these upcoming trends match your vision to put an extra special touch on your big day.

1. Use Sustainable Decor

It’s nearly impossible to go a few days without hearing someone mentioning how to go green. Whether you watch the news or catch up on your favorite blogs, you know about recycling and cutting down on water usage to help the planet. It might make you wonder if your wedding can be eco-friendly, too.

Other brides have begun to think along the same lines, which is why using sustainable decor is going to be a major 2020 trend. You might opt to decorate with fallen magnolia leaves from your backyard or buy supplies from a local farmers market to support nearby businesses. Buying local prevents you from spending money to ship in decor that would otherwise add CO2 to the atmosphere during production and transportation.

2. Find the Magic

Positive vibes have become more mainstream in recent months, so the trend is perfect for spring brides. Promote positivity, love, and happiness when you use energy crystals as wedding decor. Lay them out on reception tables or line the aisle to the altar so the venue fills with magic and good vibes.

 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 Weddingspost:

3. Print Inclusive Menus

People have become more comfortable talking about their dietary lifestyles and allergies, which is why so many brides now print inclusive reception menus. List what the main courses are and indicate options for vegetarians and vegans. You can also asterisk any dishes that won’t trigger gluten, nut or shellfish allergies.

 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 WeddingsPost:

4. Include More Pastels

Spring weddings used to be all about bright colors to match the cheery weather, but now it’s more popular to opt for pastels. You can include more of them in your wedding when you match flowers with vases in faded pink, blue or green hues. It’s easy to use softer shades in most decor, especially in things like balloons and cake decorations.

 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 Weddingspost:

5. Have Fun With Lights

Every wedding should glow under the perfect lighting arrangements. Check out unique ideas to inspire your planning process. Use things like fairy lights, LED bars and candles to set the mood before your ceremony even begins.

 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 Weddingspost:

6. Try Winding Tables

Some venues include tables in their rental price, and others make you partner with a rental company. Ordering more of them as your guest list grows longer gets expensive quickly, so brides are trying winding tables instead. They’re long enough to fit more than 20 guests at a time and curve from end to end for a distinct visual appeal. It cuts down the costs on how many tables you need and will give your reception a trendy new style.

 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 WeddingsPost:

Spend Time Daydreaming

Think about what you already have planned for your wedding and determine if any of these 2020 trends will fit in. Imagine pastel color schemes, lighting arrangements and sustainable decor making your venue feel like it was built just for you. In time, you’ll know which trends fall naturally into place alongside your decorating style so everything looks perfect when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

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