These Rhythmic Rings for Musicians Hit All the High Notes


Okay, so the Grammy Awards are over, but for musicians and music enthusiasts out there, we’ve discovered the next big talent - and it’s a not a hot new vocalist, DJ or piano man - rather, it’s a breakthrough brand: Jewelry by Johan. Best known for using alternative metals and unconventional elements in their rings, the artists at JBJ deserve platinum-worthy props for what they create. And now that we have an idea about their instrument-inspired designs, we wanted to share the genius that music-loving soon-to-be Mr.’s & Mrs.’s can fangirl/guy over as they’re getting ready to say ‘I Do.’

Last month, we gazed at some of Jewelry by Johan’s meteorite jewelry, and today we’re going to give the stage to the brand’s musical accompaniments. And by that, we mean their score of skus that make it SO easy to incorporate a couple’s love of music into their wedding bands. So, whether the couple met at band camp when they were in high school, fell in love in their music appreciation class in college, had their first kiss after a classic rock concert, got engaged through the sweetest ‘will you marry me?’ serenade, or just grow closer every time they jam together, if they pluck a pair of rings from this sublime collection, they’ll be groupies forever. 🎵🎵🎵

Jewelry by Johan’s rings for musicians feature guitar strings, woods commonly used in the production of instruments, and other super unique, music-related materials - all to make sure they’re keepsakes that represent your love and you personalities. For drummers, the brand offers maple, mahogany, rosewood and many other varieties of woods (no joke, they have 100+ different wood choices to choose from); guitarists, bassists, and violinists can send in their own strings to embed in their rings. And pianists can tickle the ivories with their own ebony-wood made designs.

Seriously, how freaking cool?!??!

What’s even more awesome is that customers can suggest different materials or provide their own musical mementos for an extra personal piece of jewelry. So, maybe you two walked away from Coachella with a string or indie guitar pick you stole from one of your fave performers 🎸 -- you can preserve that positively-illegal piece of your love story in matching bands that you’ll cherish always. You can also take advantage of free text engraving on the inside of their metal rings; so if you want to inscribe a quote from one of your icons or a lyric from your first dance song, you can do it flawlessly. 🎤

These rings have so much swagger and vibrato, we literally can’t deal. So, start swiping through these bands and shop now if you like the beat we’re laying down. Oh! Also make sure to follow @jewelrybyjohan to see what other sweet music couples are making with their custom wedding jewelry.

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