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These Are the Things Brides Want Most at Their Weddings


These Are the Things Brides Want Most at Their WeddingsPhoto Credit:

So every once in a while we like to do a pulse check to find out what our brides and grooms, bridesmaids, MOBs, MOGs, etc. are loving or lusting after these days. And duh, we do it on Insta, because #werebasic and that’s totes okay. Well, just yesterday, we posted a fill-in-the-blank to see what brides (and grooms, we didn’t discriminate!!) REALLY want at their weddings, and we LOL’ed so much over the responses. We gotta say, for the most part they were simple requests - except for all the Bey performance dreaming, ya, we’d love that too, but we haven’t seen too many 🐝 wedding crashing examples as of late. Trump, yes, the Queen, not so much.

We did an audit of all of our crowdsourced covetables, and here are the top five (in no particular order):

  1. A bounce house / bouncy castle
  2. Some sort of foodie fountain (with cheese, champagne, or chocolate)
  3. A celeb performer (Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, T.Swift, and any country star, TBH)
  4. An In & Out truck
  5. Animals (from llamas to puppies to a full on petting zoo)

These Are the Things Brides Want Most at Their WeddingsPhoto Credit:

Lots of brides also said flowers, flowers, flowers, and we can’t blame them, we die for booming blooms on the big day. But if you look at the list, you get a very telling testimonial of what most brides want for their wedding days: experiences, uniqueness, food and lots of fun.

They also want some nostalgia with the bouncy house and ball pit callouts. ((Enough of them to make us realize just how legit a request it is these days)). It’s actually a pretty real trend right now to want a bounce house at your wedding. The supply doesn’t really match up with the demand - as we haven’t come across too many entertainment/rental companies that hype their bounce houses here in the U.S., it’s mostly in the U.K. - but hopefully that’ll change sometime soon.

Until then, let’s just use this to remind us that planning this day will inevitably be infinitely stressful - but the things that can be MOST stressful aren’t even the things brides are dreaming about for their wedding days.

A beautiful venue, an expensive honeymoon, a huge guest list - major pain points, but if you can have chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks, a place to bounce out those cals, and pink champagne endlessly flowing from a tiered crystal tower (all to be shared with your favorite people), then you’re pretty damn close to the best day ever.

These Are the Things Brides Want Most at Their WeddingsPhoto Credit:

…. Throw in a double-double at the end of that day and you’ve sealed the deal.